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Purple Human Figure In Our Bedroom


I am 47y old man and I live here in northern Finland with my wife and we also have a cat. Our house is a old school building (built in 1947) but at this same spot there use to be a military hospital during the war. When the German soldiers leave this place they burn the hospital and after the war locals built this house where we live now.

We have been living here since 2011 and the strange phenomas happen in 2013.

It was a winter so the night was very dark and we have black curtains to block the moonlight and during the summer sunlight. So our bedroom is really dark when the lights are out.

We went to sleep about 23. 00 and I usually don't woke up before morning.

It was about 03. 20 (I check the clock) when I woke up and there was this purple human like figure by the window next to our bed (my wife side of the bed).

It was a human size and I can see it has a head and shoulders but the rest was blur.

I wasn't afraid at all and I can feel that it woke me up so I can see.

It was very difficult to kept my eyes open but it last about 20-30 seconds and then I fall a sleep again.

It kept me sleepy and calm.

When I woke up in the morning I told my wife what happened.

She said to me that it was her late brother who has died about year earlier (suicide by hanging/ but not in here). He used to live in this same house and same rooms before we moved here.

And after 2 weeks the same phenoma happened to my wife. The purple figure was the same but it was a bit closer to my wife.

I am not sure what it was.

My wife said again it was her brother but I am not so sure cause why it show itself to me? I never saw or know him when he was alive. He moved away before I was able to get to know him.

After all this place has been a military hospital so people have died in this place, I'm am sure of that.

Maybe it was another spirit who is trapped in here and seek for help...

After all I am glad that I was able to experience this phenoma. I feel this was a positive experience.

Now I know there is a life after death and it is very comforting.

Anyone else have a same kind of experiences?

Sorry about my poor english.

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Pekka (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-28)
Thank you AnneV, Xarath, DawnT, jasmine_glaze and psychickarma for your comments 😊

This is what I can add to our experience:

1. The figure was purple but like glittering/ sparkly... It emitted this sparkly light.

2. I totally believe my wife saw it too, she is very honest.

3. Many people has experienced a strange things here. They heard steps, doors closed by itself example (not me or my wife)

4. When my wife is away for the night I have to sleep with light on because I feel that someone is watching me... It's a little scary feeling.

5. Our cat sometimes stares at the end of the dark hallway like there is something but when I put the lights on there is nothing.

We felt that this house is a safe place to live and nothing bad has never happened this time what we have lived here.
Should we call my wifes brothers name and encourage him to go to the light? (or is that Hollywood).
I wonder is the spirit strong enough to paralyse a human cause I felt that way when I was watching it?
psychickarma (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-16)
I believe that your wife is correct; it may very well be her brother.

Because of the nature of his death (suicide), he might be stuck in "limbo" and might not be able to "pass" onto the other side.

The reason why I think that this is a "good" spirit, is that it made you feel at peace. If this were a demon or something or an evil nature, you would not feel at peace at all. If anything, you would feel fear.

What I recommend to you is to try to get a priest or someone (depending on if the brother was raised in a Christian way or not) to help him "pass". I feel like he is reaching out to you because he wants to pass. The reason why you can see him is that he just happens to "appear" in your wife's bedroom, and you just happen to be there.

I hope that this helps and please keep up updated!
jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-27)
[at] Xarath
I have to agree with you on some point you've made, especially when it comes to the part about Hollywood "view" on spirits and supernatural things. Although, from what I understoon, wife's brother did die a long time ago, but these who died by suicide have no right to dwell on Earth anymore.

[at] Pekka
Whatever it was, I doubt it was anything good, the purple color does hint it wasn't positive spirit. I hope you can give us more details on your experience
DawnT (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-27)
I've had similar experience. But the man was black. Roughly the same time although I didn't check the clock. I was too scared as I thought it was a burglar.
Xarath (guest)
7 years ago (2017-09-24)
First of all a "Spirit" literally cannot get trapped in a area, that is a myth pushed forward by Hollywood Movies, same goes for needing to ask permmission to enter a home, and leaving by yelling names at it.

Secondly it was probably not her "brother" as almost every dead human will reincarnate instantly, unless they choose to roam the dimensions.
Now concerning you seeing something, it could be anything. It could simply be you seeing energy, or a spirit. Or it could just be you're imagination, as normally no entities appear a a purple man, but I'd have to investigate in order to determine that. But more importantly, are you sure you're wife seen it? As you mentioning it would of let's say "frontloaded" her into seeing a similar things, or simply believing she did.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-09-23)
Like you said, it could also be ex military personnel. But as humans, we can also have a "knowing". What I mean by this is, we can sometimes just know something beyond a doubt and it be correct; a form of ESP if you will. Your wife may feel this way about it being her brother. One time I was awoken from sleep by this white light in my dream. When I woke up, I "knew" without any doubt my step mother had died. I got a call an hour or so later telling me she had passed.

Outside of talking to the apparition, it's hard to know from the perspective of an outsider who exactly it was but like you said, what an interesting experience and now you know we survive death.

Your English is great!
Thanks for sharing.

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