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Dark Spirit In Bedroom


For over a year now my wife and I have experienced and both felt a presence in our bedroom. It all began when my wife heard a voice say

Hello from nowhere no body was in the room. Just my wife then later that night we both heard noises and felt a cold presence in the room.

As the nights progressed we both could sense a change in the air sounds daft but it was like all usual sound at night went quiet as if we were in a bubble then small objects would hit the. Floor curtains would move and on one occasion a door opened by itself. Lately my wife gets a strange feeling then almost after that feeling we hear a noise. She reads the bible and believes something is trying to communicate with us. We don't try to because we don't want to invite something bad in. We hardly get a good nights sleep as it always happens early hours of the morning.

Does anyone have similar events? We had the house blessed but it goes on. Could my wife be some kind of link to this event? She has this gift of knowing things that are about to happen as if she can read stuff is about to happen before if does. She says she can feel something in the room but can't see it. She has tried to use her third eye but is afraid of what maybe there. I too feel it but not as strong as she can. She says we have a man and his dog in the room and female spirit she feels is not good. She has she a psychic gift, or sensitive, she feels odd things picks up on energy and her stomach sort of feels strange then noises begin.

Most mornings odd screws or bits of salt are found in her slippers. Is this a sign? We just want it to leave but can't get it to go. Any help or explanation would be great. Thank you.

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