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Scratches In My Sleep


I have been scratching myself at night to the point that it brings blood. I am looking to see if anyone has ever had experiences where they are scratching themselves at night in their sleep. First, I have no skin disorders or anything like that. I have no logical reason to explain these scratches. I have Googled my self silly trying to find anyone with similar experiences medical or non-medical related. I cannot find anything as of yet. It's definitely not scabies either! I see a lot of people respond with that reasoning.

Scratches In My Sleep

I have posted on this site several times regarding previous experiences that I cannot explain and needed help with. The dead coming to me in my sleep to sum it up.

Also to clarify how I know that it's me making these scratches is because I have woke myself up while doing it. Initially, I had slept through the first 3 to 4 times it happened which made it unclear as to what was happening to me at night. Sometimes I wake up but more times than not, I sleep through it.

These scratches typically happen in the same location which is my face. When it happens it feels like my finger is jerking really hard in turn causing scratches on my face that bring blood. I have had one deep one on my leg and the most recent on the inside of my arm.

The ones that happen on my face usually occur on the right side of my forehead or on the left side of my face near my eye or on my cheek just below my eye.

I had gone several months without it happening but I woke up the other night with 3 scratches this time. The arm scratch woke me up because it burned like crazy when it happened.

I don't know if it's paranormal or just something else. I cannot find any reasonable explanation as to why I would be scratching my self. I have never in the 40 years of my life had this happen. I don't sleep with my dogs, and I don't wear rings or anything sharp to bed.

Is something messing with me in my sleep that would make me scratch myself like that possibly? I have no clue.

Any similar experiences or advice?

Thank you!

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Martin (129 posts) mod
6 years ago (2017-11-01)
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