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Sleep Paralysis Visitor


I had this experience happen to me 2 years ago. My fiance and I were discussing it today and I realize I never truly understood what could explain this. To start, my whole life I have experienced sleep paralysis and my fiance has always told me I speak in my sleep in a very quick gibberish frequently. The night this happened to me felt very different, to set the scene it was early September and I was sleeping alone in my basement. I had a sleep paralysis episode and it felt very different that time, eventually a dog came into focus. It was a large black dog with green glowing eyes which shook me to begin with. The dog started to speak to me though and that's where things took an odd turn, sometimes during my sleep paralysis I do hear voices but they were all disembodied voices and sometimes they would be accompanied by a red presence. The dog made two declarations before disappearing and I woke up. His first was that soon someone I know would die, and the second was that I would hurt my hand near my birthday. My birthday was months away in January so when I told my girlfriend about it we joked about staying home from work around that time, because I work in construction. Well needless to say the first part came true the next week when my cousin died of a heroin overdose. This shook me because the first part came true, the next few days I worried but it went away after a little. Then a week before my birthday someone dropped an ac unit onto my hand ripping my finger open. Both premonitions came true, this is scary to me because I don\'t know what visited me or why. I have experienced a lot of sleep paralysis and talking in my sleep but the dog friend (or not friend?) never came back. My brother died a week before I was born so maybe it was him trying to reach out from the other side. If anyone has any ideas please let me know thank you.

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CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-08)
I'm new to this, still struggling to understand the concept, but I think he was a messenger. He must have been a messenger. I have heard black dogs like that are messengers of death, therefore the first declaration, the second maybe to just warn you. He might have come to you,cause,maybe you tapped into something unknowingly? Or maybe cause you're already sensitive? You should probably try to know if you're sensitive and have tapped into something. You might find out eventually. I heard some people get messages in dream. Might want to consider it. Also, knowing if you have or had anyone psychic or just sensitive in the family might help. Heard it stays in the bloodline or something. Hope this helped. Have a good day.

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