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Spouse Speaks In His Sleep


It only happened once before Spouse spoke in his sleep. It was early morning and he said "He's here," he repeated it three times.

Woke me up. Three days later we found out his mum had died.

That was 11 years ago.

Last night he spoke in his sleep again. The voice however was not his. But it kept repeating "mum." I woke up and asked it a question it grunted. Then I got a very nasty feeling about it. I prayed for him and went back to sleep.

Do you think it might be another sign of bad news.

I had a strong urge to tell him not to deal with anyone who I term as 'doggy,' for the next two weeks.

I have the impression that it was a demon trying to take over him in his sleep. I think that whoever or whatever Conjured it is not satisfied and there will be payback from whatever it is that came through.

I have not done anything of that nature and neither has my husband. So I reckon someone has done it to him.

It sounds out there. Could be a simple Psychiatric explanation.

But I cannot shake the feeling something is not right.

Not saying I am a psychic. But I have been to a medium before that has asked me why I went to see her because she could sense I was one of them. And I have been able to 'predict,' things during my life-time. My mother has the power too. I have never come out fully because I don't want anyone to think I'm nuts or anything. So I have kept the ability under wraps. My son has it too but he prefers to bury it.

When he was young and his grandmother was looking after him whilst he was ill at a relatives house. He said to her "Nanna, why did that man in grey walk through the wall?" My mum freaked and telephoned my brother to come and collect them and they left the house immediately.

So when my husband says this in his sleep. I get worried. Any ideas?

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Anon103 (4 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-19)
Hate being right. I really do. I have had a message over the internet that a relative of ours has died. As I said before he does not usually do such a thing and especially as it was not 'his voice.' Also I noticed that my mother began wearing a red rag on her wrist (I always laughed when she did this, always putting it down to her eccentricities). My mum kept saying she saw her dead sister in her home. And wearing the red rage is a Voodoo thing to ward off evil spirits. Now I know why. Really not negative thoughts or law of attraction. But just plain 'warnings.' I hate being right I really do.
1020coco (24 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-23)
Hi Anon103

That dream about something interesting in a room and that you should look at it definitely means something. What does this mean exactly, I'm not sure. I want to say that there's more information that could be given to you if you choose. I keep thinking about the fact that you pick up on the warnings, which is really great and is very helpful to keep your family safe. I wonder how you feel about trying to connect to Spirit/God and asking for guidance so that you can get more information other than just warnings. I know that may not be something that you want to have in your life, but maybe give it some thought. I think it's a good idea that your husband be careful for the next couple weeks just to be on the safe side. I wish you well with the health of your family and yourself. I hope you find healing and this passes without any problems. Please post an update if you're able to.
Anon103 (4 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-23)
Very please that you responded. But you are mistaken. I don't know if the 'voice,' that was emitted from my husband's mouth was a demon.
All I do know is after 34 years of marriage. It was not my husbands voice. And the replies were not coherent but grunts.
My husband is a simple guy. When I mean simple. He is not a believer in the psychic phonemnon or mediumship in general.
But when I warn him of things he will listen because failure to do so has in the past resulted in 'mishaps,' beyond his or my control.
Example: My husband and I were living apart for a while a few years back. Saving for a new house. I lived with my parents and he with his.
I called him up one night and said "Check your car its important." He ignored it and said that he had just put petrol in it and it was running fine.
The next morning at 4.00am he telephoned me and said he had broken down going to work. When he checked the engine the bottom of the car was literally glowing red hot. I don't know how much you know about cars but when a metal pipe gets red hot. It's pretty serious.
That was not law of attraction that was a warning.
On another occasion I travelled with him to his work place in the city and I told him of a dream I had where I was stranded and he had to pick me up not from my usual stop but from another.
When I went into the City Centre the underground station I usually would have used to take me back to my husbands workplace to get a lift home was closed for some reason. I tried alternative methods to get home. And right around the corner I managed to get a bus to the area we used to live in the city. I had to telephone my husband to pick me up from the alternative bus stop.
I could not have known about it prior to my entering the City as the Station only decided to close when I was in the City Centre.
Over the years there has been other incidences such as this one. I have largely tried to do as you suggested and put it down to a logical scientific explanation. But it still has occurred.
So when he spoke in his sleep and it was not his voice. I became really worried. As the last time this happened there was a death in the family.
What I did tell him was to be very careful over the next two weeks or so. Don't get involved with anyone of a dubious nature and be careful as he is a driver.
Only the other day I had a peculiar dream of someone saying that there was something interesting in a room and I should look at it. And something about organ cells spreading in an empty box.
I then had a letter saying my test results had come through and I had a decease that I had not even thought about. In addition to the terminal one I already have.
I don't want this 'gift,' I would prefer not to have it. But I do. I keep quiet because like you said. Its better that way otherwise people keep asking you to 'predict,' all sorts of things. And I know for a fact its an ability that you cannot use on tap. Its random and happens whenever it does.
So you see it's not the demons bit I am worried about. That I can deal with. But it's the possible outcome of this incident that I am scared of.
But thanks again for your advice.
1020coco (24 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-22)
Hi Anon103

I understand that you are worried. You want the best for your family and to feel safe. He may have been having a dream where he is experiencing being with his mum. Some people do talk in their sleep although for him to channel in his sleep and be able to answer you clearly and accurately is very rare. Edgar Cayce was able to do this and it was under hypnosis so he wasn't in a deep sleep. Often times people that are started to experience psychic abilities will tend to pick up on "negative" events. I hesitate to call them negative because that would imply that they are wrong or incorrect or from a bad energy. Life as you know has highs and lows and these are not attributed to demons. I understand you may believe in these entities but I can assure you that they are extremely rare. If you choose to believe in demons and that they are capable of inflicting calamity in your life then that's the reality that will be. Remember the laws of attraction. I can say this because I was a medium at a young age and very fearful of demons until I realized in my 40's that my focus is should be on the light, God, love - therefore demons are not in my reality. There is no payback unless you believe there is. There is no bad luck unless you believe there is. For someone to be able to make a demon hurt your husband, they would have to be quite experienced and that is extremely rare and improbable. You and your husband are good people, go live your lives in love and happiness, be thankful for all you have and let go of fear.
Yes, you and your son have mediumship abilities. I buried this for 25 years and I regret that. When you're ready, you will choose not to bury it either. Live your life and enjoy every moment. Blessings to you.

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