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Is This Psychic Or Just A Random Set Of Causalities


Three weeks ago, I casually said to my husband. We need a new alarm clock. He refused to get the new digital one I wanted, it showed the time via a laser light on the wall.

Often especially of late. I have been waking up at intervals during the night. So, seeing the time is a must as my husband is on early morning shifts. Over the past 11 years he has come to rely on me being his alarm clock (Wake Up call) if you like.

The next two weeks I became insistent on this new clock. Husband ignored as we have wall clocks. Clocks on laptops and Tv. Not a priority. All those I cannot see unless I get up go downstairs and check.

On Sunday, we turned the clocks forward an hour - to indicate Summertime. On Tuesday afternoon, he came home for lunch. We chatted for a bit he decided to take an afternoon nap.

Woke him up as usual was watching a film on DVD so did not check the Tv. Clock on the wall indicated time to go back to work. Husband left for afternoon shift.

Got phone call from his workplace. "Where the hell is he?" perplexed "He's on his way back to work." "Well he should have been back an hour ago," I looked on the wall. "But the clock says it's not yet 2pm," "No love it's more like 3.30." I then realized that the clock although was looking like it was still working was broken.

Now he is up for a disciplinary for non-show at work. After 11 years of working for the firm. Where he was never late always early or on time. He may get the sack because of time keeping.

I did tell him to get a new clock. Didn't I. Is this just another case of not listening to the psychic or just a random set of unfortunate events?

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WolfBeast (4 stories) (35 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-31)
I believe that all ladies are more in tune with their sense of Intuition, put that together with your problems sleeping and you get someone that is worried about the time on the wall. Just a thought. I hope all goes well. 😐

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