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Random Experiences: What Are They? How Can I Better Them?


I'm 21 years old and have been experiencing an array of abilities on & off since before I was even 4.

When I was little I was told that I used to talk to spirits or ghosts, was able to predict when things would happen, & able to fix things with my mind and hands (sort of like an electricity feeling).

As I have gotten older I have experienced things such as: feeling others emotions, guessing what things are without seeing them, reading minds, having symbolic dreams of future occurrences, and hearing high pitch noises and people talk on Tv twice.

I do like being able to do the things that I do the only problem is that when I see flashes of what's going to happen they happen too close to when I see them so I can't do anything. For example: one day I was walking up the stairs and saw my mom trip up the stairs in my head, I couldn't help but laugh because I wasn't sure if it was just a thought or real so I start to tell my mom but then she tripped just like I had seen. She wasn't hurt. I was just amazed that I had saw it but disappointed that I couldn't warn her in time.

Throughout the years I have noticed that sometimes my abilities are really weak and other times super strong. I was wondering if my personal emotions and stress could be the cause of this? I would really like to learn how to control or at least differentiate what's real from my imagination. I've noticed when around my old friend who could see auras and things my abilities were stronger

I would really like to learn what types of abilities am I experiencing, how to differentiate what's real from my imagination, and how to get better control of them.

Btw this is my 1st post thanks for reading!

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