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Things That Happen To Me And Understanding Them


I'm a 48 year old man and have lived a wonderful yet strange life. Growing up I was able to cause the TV and lights to flicker and my friends would play with a ouija board and I knew what it was going to say before it would say it and no one but the person asking the question would know the answer. One evening my grandmother told me she couldn't walk because her knee was really bad and I placed my hands on her knee and just thought to myself and tried to push the warm energy that was in me into her knee and when I was done she could walk again. I can tell if someone is not well just by looking at them and I can feel injurys or sickness as heat in their body it even works on animals.

I haven't lived with my mom since I was 5 or 6 because she wasn't able to take care of me so my grandmother and grandfather took me to raise. My grandfather passed when I was 10 so from then on my grandmother raised me by herself. One night when I was 15 or 16 I was asleep in bed and I felt this presence in my room. I always have been able to tell if someone was close I don't know why or how but I could kind of feel their energy. Anyway I felt this presence and it woke me up and I looked around and at the foot of my bed was this giant shadow it was so big it had to hunch over because it was up against the ceiling in my room which are 7 foot tall. I laid there scared out of my mind but this thing never moved. Finally after a minute or two I had this urge to ask it what it was so I asked "What are you?" and in my mind I got the answer "My name is Andras" but it was in my inner voice not in some demonic voice like I was expecting. So I asked "Why are you here?" and it answered again in my inner voice "I am here on behalf of your mother to watch over you and keep you safe". When it said that I finally woke fully up with a jolt and it was gone as if it was never there in the first place but I could still feel it there.

I finally got to go visit my mom and when I got her alone I asked her about that and she said she had cast a spell of protection over me but I told her I thought it was a denom and mom told me something that shocked me to the core she said "Well yes because when your granma took you I was practicing black magic". She then told me to look at my right hand just up from my pinky finger and there was a scar there that looked like a cresent moon I never noticed it before and looking now it's gone but then it was there and very clear. Ok cut to years later my mom was drinking and in pretty good shape if you know what I mean and she was showing me things she could do with a lit candle across the room making it flare up and dim way down or lean to the left or right so I took advantage of the situation and asked her if she was a demon and she looks me dead in the eyes and said "Honey we are all demons every person in our family just some of us have either forgotten what they are or flat deny it." this blew my mind so much that I just dropped it.

When I was 24 I got married and my wife's family were all big time Christians so I decided to hide all that and tried to go to church with them but eventually I ended up quitting because I just didn't believe what they was trying to shove in my head it was all just wrong to me it was all just a bunch of hearsay and for some reason I could look at people and just know they were fake they were there just to steal the real peoples energy when they would get blessed heck I could feel the energy when they would get blessed but I don't think I ever stole that energy. But I believe the preacher was also a blessing thief because he would try so hard to keep the energy going that he would actually kill it. I couldn't keep going there so I tried to find another church at least to keep her family happy but I never could find one that I was comfortable but one and I was there with the maintenance guy and no one but me was in the sanctuary and then I could feel what I would call "God" but when people showed up I lost it.

A year ago after being married for 23 years my wife met some guy and decided she liked him more than me and asked me for a dissolution but I didn't want to break my family up I have two boys that I adore but nothing doing she was finished with me and wanted something new. After she moved out with the kids I was alone here and I decided I'd try meditating to ease my mind and one night I was meditating and thought to myself what am I, why am I here, what is my purpose and my inner voice said "You are Sitri" that was it. So I got up and came to the computer and looked up the name I spelled it wrong but google knew what I was looking for and what I found was unnerving I won't go into details but let's just say that what it says fits me pretty close except for the beautiful man part I don't think I'm that great looking but that's neither here nor there. I asked my mom and she said it was possible for a demon to inhabit a human if they can get into the fetus before the human soul can. She said they will do that so they can experience life and get out of hell for a time but I don't expect anyone to believe that it's just a part of my story.

There's a lot more I could tell but I've already wrote over 4000 letters according to the counter and I think I've bored people enough. They wanted my story and there it is. I'm here because the link popped up when I searched Sitri experiences and I was curious to see what people said about ummm "me"? Maybe maybe not. I've been told by a lot of people I have an old and wise soul and I lot of people will tell me stuff they'd never tell anyone else actually that just happen a week ago with a girl I just met and only knew a couple of days shappreciatee told me something that happen to her that she never told anyone else. Anywho that's my story you can take it however you want I'd appreciate no negative comments please.

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