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Please bear with me as I'm new to explaining and figuring out my experiences.

A little backstory: I'm now 34 but as a child, I had experiences that were unexplainable to me. Too many to go over here but the most alarming were dreams I would have just before an event that were premonitions of the event happening. Two instances that stood out were the deaths of relatives that I dreamed just before they passed. One was a great uncle and I dreamed I attended his funeral and then a week later he passed and when I was at the funeral, I then realized I was in the very church and seat from my dream. I had another one very similar to this for another relative. As a child, as you can imagine this was very upsetting but I was also afraid no one would believe me so I just buried it and went about life. I have very vivid dreams and over the years, I have had several other dreams that were premonitions but they were not as major as a death. I actually kept a dream journal as a teen because I was afraid of dreaming of an immediate family member's death.

I've also had issues with electronics and technology not working well for me my entire life. Cars, computers, wifi, televisions, you name it - when I'm around you're bound to have issues with it. I have NUMEROUS situations like this. Reading through this website, I see that it could be electrokinesis?

I also sense spirits and have always had occurrences happen in every house I've lived in. In my current home, my son's toys randomly go off when I'm around (which maybe this could be my own electrokinesis? I don't know) and objects disappear and reappear that belong to me and I sense a presence around me many times a day. I've had these things happen since I was about 7.

Now all that said, while I have always had a pull toward learning about the spiritual realm / psychic and clair abilities, etc. I tend to live more in the rational space of my mind so I have always tried to just ignore all of these events and write them off as something rational that could've explained it. Of course most of it can't be explained rationally but the most alarming to me was a dream I had last night about a friend that I worked with last year.

I dreamed she went in to have some sort of surgery and died on the operating table. We have not spoken in quite a while but because it was so upsetting to me, I texted her this morning to make sure she was doing ok and mentioned I had a weird dream about her (didn't mention she died because that would be a shock) and low and behold - SHE WAS SCHEDULED FOR SURGERY THIS MORNING but at 3am, got a call from the doctor that the surgery would suddenly have to be rescheduled. So of course this floored me and I realized that I can no longer ignore that I have some kind of ability.

Whew - so all that to ask, if anyone can point me in a direction for me to figure more out about what ability I may have and how I can learn more about it and learn to become more aware of it instead of it freaking me out?

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Zap (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-12)
I just recently had a dream of my aunt I have never dreamt of her before.
As in the past comments on here I knew I need to talk about this to.
A dream I had was preparing a party for her...
When I woke I had a heavy heart. I had a similar dream of my uncle as a child. We had a party for him, only he was floating!
I woke and tried to tell my mom (who was on the phone with my aunt)
She was telling my mom that my uncle had brain cancer. He died a month later.
This recent dream felt the same. I didn't want to bring it up, but two days later I was talking to my dad, and she came up in conversation... I stopped him right there and told him my dream. He hung his head (he knows of my dream premonitions throughout my life)...,
He said she had less then 6 months to live.
I fell to my knees and sobbed! I knew it 😭
This past week has been a struggle. I have for the first time reached out to other because I don't understand this ability!
Thanks for sharing, I would love to communicate more to the likes of others like us 😊
Xilonen (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-25)
Hello jlb5685,

I also live in Georgia.

Your account about the dream you had as a child really struck me. I also had a dream very similar to yours on August 4th of this year.

In my dream, I walked into a church and met my Grandfather who has been dead for five years. I don't think a funeral was actually taking place in the dream. I knew that my Grandfather was dead and he said that he was tired. I helped him to sit down. After we were sitting, he told me that my father's aunt was going to die.

I woke up and called various members of my family, including my father - which was an ordeal unto itself as we are not a close nit group of people.

I could only manage to talk to my sister who only said: "Wow, that's weird."

My father's aunt died in her sleep two days later.

After that I talked to my mother who told me that August 4th would have been my Grandfather's birthday. The Grandfather in the dream. I honestly didn't know that beforehand. I had a vague idea that he was a Leo. That's only because I am a Leo and I tend to remember when other people are Leos. I don't know what that part could mean.

I apologize for the length of my comment. I just registered on this site and it surprised me that the very first story that I came upon had content that touches me so near.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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