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A Few Doubts About What I (possibly) Have


Alright, so I have a few doubts here and there. For many years I've been sensing things around me, its moving around and sometimes I can feel what it feels.

I've come to believe that what I am sensing are, in fact, different spirits. Though I am unsure. Sometimes it can be weak, sometimes its strong, I've done research and it did say that they are energies.

I never actually asked anyone about this, but I always know there's something or someone in the same room as I am, even though no one is actually in it at all.

The feeling can vary, sometimes it's a small pressure on a specific part of my body, mainly the arm and the face, and sometimes it can be the feeling of warmth, though that warm feeling is rare. The temperature doesn't go up but my body says the temperature actually did go up.

After doing some research about this, I did find various forms and sites saying that I am some kind of medium, though I can't see, nor hear spirits, only sense them in some sort of way.

That's one of the things that I tend to experience a lot. There are a few others that I can get sometimes, for example, being able to correctly guess who is at my door, calling, and in very rare cases what someone is about to say.

I also get these thoughts that really don't seem mine at all, they feel mine but they really aren't mine. I can talk to said thought and I get a response.

I also can't get over the fact that I have some sort of telekinesis, even though all of my attempts failed, something just keeps telling me that I do, in fact, have it, I just haven't "unlocked" it or found out how to use it.

Deja Vus is also a common occurrence to me, rarely things can happen in my dream and then a few days later, or even the next day it actually happens. Or sometimes things don't happen in my dream, but when something happens I begin having the feeling of the fact that what I am currently experiencing, I have already experienced in the past, even though I've never done the activity I was doing before. This is a common occurrence to me, I can get this several times a week.

I talked to a few people I have a friend who can see spirits, they did say that I what I feel are, in fact, spirits of some sort, but even so, I am unsure.

I really do not know what is going on here with me, I don't want to shut it down at all, but I want to know what it is.

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coliekoala (guest)
4 years ago (2019-12-23)
well, I can tell you I've had some of the same experiences, they (energies) are becoming more intense lately. The emotions are stronger. I feel something/someone in the room... Sometimes I end up thinking things that didn't seem to come from me. Rarely I feel like there is a whisper or someone said something but I get confused. I think sometimes they talk to me in my dreams but I don't remember them well. It's hard to explain but, just from the emotions I'm feeling I know what they are trying to say. I have only seen spirits maybe 3 times. When I go places, I think I can feel past things or feel other peoples emotions. When I was younger, it felt like they were asking for help. I would see maps and trails and sometimes have an urgency to go and tell someone something, but had no words to say, nor who to say it to! I had to tell them I am sorry, I have no means to help you. I'm all mixed up.

Deja Vu has been a big thing for the longest but has recently stopped. It's been weird to remember when you saw your future life and then be in it at the same time. It's never been in a dream for me. Only times I've ever had these... Future visions? Was when I was relaxed and not thinking much. Remembering these happened years later.

Lately I have been feeling also something/someone giving a comforting touch or feeling. Not sure what this is yet. Wondering if I am also connecting with other people.

I believe some of this is mediumship and empathy... Clairvoyance? For me. You might be the same! Try just accepting what is happening. Don't worry and don't be fearful. Observe. Maybe you can go further than me, I've been struggling for the longest on what to do with this.

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