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What Can This Possibly Mean?


Since I was very young I've seen and known things that I wasn't able to explain. I pushed these things so far out of my mind and head that they've been non-existent until recently. On several occasions I've known of tragic world events before they would happen. I've always thought I was crazy. I've sensed death, but again dismissed it as me being an over thinker. But then last year my dad passed away unexpectedly. Every since his passing I've sensed and known of several family and friends passings before they happened. Then today I saw someone pass by me and it was almost impossible that anyone else could have been there. Within the past few hours I've seen her a few more times. Only problem I'm having is that it's me. Why do I keep seeing me pass by? What does this even mean? I've had this overwhelming feeling of death every since I awoke this morning. So I'm sure it's right around the corner. But is it me this time? Is that why I keep seeing myself? For some odd reason every since I was a little girl I can vividly recall the age of 34 sticking out to me. I can't say for certain what this age means, but after today I'm starting to wonder if maybe I was right all those years ago! Maybe my time really will come by the age of 34. I'm not afraid of death. The only thing I don't like is the not knowing. I just want to know why I keep seeing me?! I feel almost ridiculous writing this, but this is my only option to get some kind of clarity because I can't just talk to my family or friends about this.

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