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What Does This Light Mean?


Past year, I was in second grade of secondary school. I was friend with this new girl. She was known as a good spiritual/religious in her class. Strangely, she was covered with big, shining, white light. I often looked away from her because it was too shiny to look at. Knowing that I had clairvoyance and clairsentience/aura sensing, I think it wasn't big deal. None of my friends saw it, it was just me. I thought it was an aura, but I guess it wasn't. When I sense her light and aura, they don't match at all.

After we moved to third grade, I lost contact with her. Couple of weeks later, I met her again. But it seem like the light has gone.

Another experience, before I moved into third grade, me and my friend did some chit-chat. My friend told me about this boy she had crush on. Suddenly this boy appeared and greet us. Again, I saw white light flashing through my eyes from him. It wasn't as big as the new girl. But it was strange. What could that light means? After all I started to think about it.

It happened again. A month ago, my class was given an exam schedule. The teacher whom giving it, covered with the same light. It wasn't big, and it doesn't really flash. Then she gave me the schedule. When I look at, I saw these dates: 9 Oct - 10 Oct. Shockingly, those dates were flashing before my eyes with the same white light. I looked again, it was still shining. Suddenly my intuition tells me it was an important dates.

At 9 to 10 October, I paid attention to my surrounding. Because I wondered what makes those days important. Those days, I found someone a.k.a my rival in the noon shift from the second grade, was at my class. I wondered if he was actually the ones important. Because on those days, he seems obvious.

After those days passed, I don't see him anymore. Even when I forced myself to meet him once, I still can't. Was my intuition right? But what does makes him important?

Until now I haven't see any lights again. But from my past experiences, I guess it told me about something important. But I cannot catch up the meaning.

Does anyone have the same experience like these? Is it really a sign of something important?

*sorry if my english bad, english is not my first language*

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