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Street Light Phenomenon


I'm writing this after experiencing something very peculiar. As of this night, I had went on a walk. It was just out of the blue, I had a feeling and decided to follow it. I then had ended up at park, and sat down at a bench. I was the only person in the park, for as far as the eye could see. Anyways as soon as I had started to settle, I had noticed some black shadow like movements In the park. Upon looking at it, I noticed that it seemed to be dancing around and almost playing in the park. Intrigued by this, I sent a message out through my minds eye letting whatever it was know that I wasn't here to scare it. As soon as this happened, I started to hear footsteps behind around me. Like I said, I was the only one in the park. So I checked behind me, and no one was there. Then I heard it on the other side of where I was looking. I turned around again, only to find the same results.

At this point I was feeling a little unsettled, but a voice in my head told me to hang in there and relax. When I did so, I felt like something was trying to pass on as weird as that sounds. So following my instincts I closed my eyes, and visualized a bright white light come from myself and radiate outwards. I then felt like I had a back and forth exchange of emotions, and then afterwords I felt a pressure lift from my chest.

I had looked around once more just to double check that no one was there, and no one was. From there I proceeded to walk home, and my house was around two blocks away. The reason why I bring this up, is because something strange happened on my walk back. While I was walking home, whenever I walked near a street light, it would flicker. The first light I went under flickered, and I thought that it was odd, not thinking twice about it I carried on. Then, quarter of a block down, the second flickered, and then a third. It did that all the way until I got home. Interesting enough it would only happen under the light I was under. This is where I'm a bit confused, I'm not sure if it was me doing it, or if there was some other external influence acting upon it. I've read online that some people believe that our aura's can cause this, and the thing I wonder is why would it do this tonight? As opposed to any other.

Anyways If I could get some feedback I would be very thankful.

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Liam39876 (3 stories) (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-07)
Thank you for your reply and for your advice! Your insight is great. I used to be a spooked with lights before, but I have come to accept them as a common phenomenon. I was curious to see what people had to say. And your response is great, thank you.
Bookee77 (1 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-24)
Hello Liam, I also have this problem I'm not sure why it happens however I know I can change red lights too green lights too. It has to be something about auras though. Or maybe you were shocked really bad at some point in your life either case this happens to a lot of people. Next time this happens to you take a deep breath and try to relax and think positive and I bet you the light will go back to normal. When it happens to me it really does depend on my emotional state. Are you ever stressed while walking past these streetlights? Sorry I couldn't be too much of help but just thought I'd give some insight from what I know.

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