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Not sure if I should post here or somewhere else.

I had a very unusual experience a couple of months ago and it still has a toll on me.

Me and a friend (she is very spiritual and magick oriented, you could call her witch in fact) had some space cakes. I have to admit I definitely overdosed, but the effect went beyond I am sure.

I tripped very hard (my friend was watching over me and she wasn't under the effects) but it went over the usual bursts of colours and paranoia. I still have roughly a clear memory of most of it. I started to say things: first of all I started chanting and doing repetitive symbols in the air, the same over and over. I can remember that I was seeing light and I was trying to write some sort of symbols with my hands. Then the other interesting thing is that at one point I saw some gates made of light and on the other side an island suspended on either sea or a sea of stars. I had the feeling that I wasn't allowed to cross as it was a one way journey, I still feel the pull sometimes if I focus, my friend tells me is a astral projection but I'm not sure, I'm totally a newbie on everything! I kept repeating that I understood everything, that I could see everything and that everything was connected. My friend tried to ask questions but I was very lucid when telling her that she couldn't know, cause she couldn't see. Now, I'm not keen on repeating the experience cause it was pretty violent, I mean, beautiful but not sure how much from it was from the drug and how much from a real psychic experience. What do you think? What could have happened? What language was I chanting in? What place was with this gates and the island? Any clues?

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Melda (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-22)
Hyperion nyx - My impression is that what you experienced was caused by your "tripping hard" on the space cakes.

Please be careful otherwise you just might be headed for that one way trip to the island that you saw.

If you have had similar experiences when sober, I would take you more seriously.

Regards, Melda

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