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Golden Gate Bridge Communications


Thank you for visiting this written experience.

I visited the Golden Gate Bridge in October 2018. I wanted a couple of things. 1) to see what I could pick up on, 2) to bring communication back to help the living.

The bridge is a magnet for fog, death, and mystery. Sometimes, people still living aren't able to feel what their loved ones desperately want to convey. That's where I like to come in. Always with respectful permission, of course.

Upon approaching the bridge, I felt a lot of pressure. I felt the sad footsteps and tears of those approaching it before. It was strong, like a chorus. Seeing the industrial orange paint live for the first time at the SF side brought a nasty feeling I'll describe more later.

I tried to open myself to any message. I realized later; I expected to only find pain and sorrow.

The first clear one came right as my vehicle started on the bridge. His tone toward me was like that of a grandfather. He was caucasian, well aged at his time of passing, with a strong and clear leader's spirit. The message was meant for me, but he addressed the other spirits referencing me with a compliment that I feel is appropriate and respectful to keep specific details of to myself. I smiled and blushed in reaction because he was truly like a kind and powerful grandfather. My impression is he leads the other spirits there, and they watch bridge crossers like we watch reality TV. <3. He was incredibly warm and friendly, without the slightest hint of sorrow.

It went somewhat quiet until I reached the midpoint. Toward my right, on the SF side, I felt a tremendous peace from those lingering all along the rest of the bridge. It felt lighter than air, profound, clear, and very sure of itself. They wanted me to know and share they were at peace.

However, something very dark and painful attached itself to me after I returned back to the SF side. Back off the bridge again, turning right, still seeing industrial orange bridge pieces, I felt a spirit in extreme pain.

I tried to shake it since it was too intense, and not clear.

It made itself clear that it wouldn't stop until it put the message together, so I tried again to slow down and listen. I felt the extreme pain of someone on land near the bridge, not on the bridge itself. The energy hated the bridge itself, and refused to go on to it despite the extreme emotion toward it. I felt the energy throwing itself or falling in despair toward the ground and the bridge pieces anchored to the SF city side. Over and over again, in an agony beyond reasonable comprehension. The thing I couldn't separate, though, is whether the spirit was telling me someone was doing this at the bridge's end, or if the spirit itself was telling me of its own pain. I tried "asking" if the energy at the bridge's end was from someone still alive or dead, but couldn't get a clear answer. I tried wondering if the energy was from someone who is now dead, why couldn't they see now in the afterlife that the one they love and miss is ok? Why do they still keep cycling through the sharp agonizing cycle of throwing themselves and/or falling in despair (so to speak) at the ground and bridge pieces because they were that overcome by pain? Those were parts I couldn't pick up on clearly, possibly because multiple spirits had a similar experience, but some of the details were different. My best guess is the energy was from someone (dead or alive) who misses someone who died at the bridge, or from a spirit wanting me to very vividly feel their living loved one's pain, and relay a message that they are ok and they want them to stop hurting themselves like that. <3

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