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Visions And "haunted" Washington Trees


While driving toward Idaho on I-84 in July 2018, I felt someone telling me a murdered body was hidden near the exit for Lime, Oregon. There was no time frame or details for the murder, only a spirit wanting me to know their body was hidden near that location.

It dawned on me gently but firmly. I had been singing along to music when my eyes rested on the interstate highway exit for Lime. In that moment, I felt something very clearly tell me that horrible circumstances resulted in their body being hidden there, and that their murderer got away with it.


In December 2017, I made a trip to the Washington coast. I was drawn to a tree that is suspended over a small creek that eroded the ground beneath it. It's located at the Kalaloch campground. It was heavily raining as I made my way to the beach to look for it. After taking a bunch of rain spotted images, I felt something very strong behind me telling me to watch out! I was facing the tree with my back to the ocean. I turned around, but only saw the ocean waves crashing along with a phony innocence. I tested it a few times, and every time I had my back to the ocean, something screamed at me to be careful of deadly danger. It was so chilling that I ran back to my vehicle to drive to cell service and research more about the area.

A few miles north of the site was the scene of a very deadly battle a long time ago (Ruby Beach). The enemy had come in and approached the residents from the sea, attacking them by surprise. It's very easy to conclude a fellow mother's spirit was warning me of the danger coming from the direction of the sea. She may have lost her son/sons in the battle. I had also wondered if it was a spirit warning me of the potential for the next Cascadian quake to hit with the resulting deadly tsunami.

When I returned in December 2018, the weather was better. This time, I only felt a warm and comforting hug of sorts. There were other tourists around, and that always throws things off for me in terms of picking up on subtle energy. The "hug" was delightful, though!


In December 2018, I visited the world's largest spruce tree located on the Washington coast. There was a small walk to reach it, and we had to cross over a small bridge over some still water to get closer to it. The tree was impressive, but what spooked me was the water. I stopped to look at it after the tree, and felt small faces smiling back at me and studying me. It was so weird, fun, and cool. It's located on the Quinault reservation. These folks are so well-knit that their prior generations passed down warnings of the big earthquakes the region can have. They gave advice to their descendants to have canoes ready with very long ropes to attach to trees as the water rose. The idea was to be able to have a way to survive the resulting flood and still be near their families after. We have problems even sharing our medical histories with family members nowadays, but these folks trusted each other enough to carry these warnings to each other through hundreds of years; very cool.:)

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Newbeginning (17 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-20)
My little girl was hearing a male spirit yell, "watch out" as she would run around our five acres yard. What she doesn't know is our home has had a dark presence in it for the past year. If I hadn't known about inside my home I may had thought she was being looked after. I believe I have a dark spirit attachment that will not leave. She will throw a ball outside and when it hits the ground she will hear shattered glass now we have witnessed her dolls years turning to where we are. Keep your vibration up. If you don't where ever you visit and there is a dark energy spirit, aka energy vampire they will follow you home and will scare the shiat out of you until you realize that you have authority over them. Never let your guard down. They say if they can't say, That Jesus came in the flesh and died in the cross for our sins, you are dealing with a demon. Please trust everything I am saying to you. It has turned my family upside down.

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