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A while ago before I was turned to opening my mind and body, I was interested in the stars and the cosmos. I have always been a secluded person so the stars have always been my best companion whether known and unknown they have been there in my reality during hard times. Getting into this subject I started learning about energies and how we are all effected by it throughout the universe. (I didn't pay attention in school much).

One day while on the bus ride headed to work, I was brought back to my awareness of a pain in my left wrist, I must frequently pop it to relive tension. I Understand not all healing has to come from doctors so me being me and the imaginative person I am, I tried to channel energy from the sun directly into my wrist.

Had no idea what I was doing.

In the same moment, I start to feel my body tingling and a buzz, like during sleep but I was wide awake (eyes closed of course).

I then start to see but also feel this bright blue Light come over and through me, it felt so warming and comfortable that I let it be.

It then said with this faint voice " Don't worry about your body I got you".

At that very moment I felt every piece of that blue form in every single part of my body I could feel it in my veins, my blood rushing, my organs everything I felt it.

(That's kind of hard to explain seeing we occupy these things 24/7)

Seconds later I felt the sun from a distance but so close. Nothing was wrong and I had no worries. There was a conversation that we had but the view from space the way it was presented to me was too marvelous to even recollect the words spoken.

The flames from the sun, the dead speed of the earth, the silence of space. It was like nothing else.

The way this being or spirit looked was infinite in beauty. The blue was bright but also subtle. The touch was un-explainable and the experience was too short.

Of course being on a bus things didn't go for too long. But still perfectly.

I got off of that bus in confusion, I didn't know if what just happened was simply a dream while wide awake, if I'm going crazy or what. So ignored it for a moment.

That same night at work (10pm-6am) I began doing more research. This time on spirits and not the stars and in doing so I couldn't find the answer I was looking for. Anywhere. So I began praying through writing what I had experienced. At around 12 midnight close to 1, still writing I get this urge to ask what that blue light was and why it came to me.

While still writing this letter my heart was pounding coming to the question of "What is your name?"

Because deep down I didn't want an answer.

As I let go and let that feeling live, my pen wrote out "KUSTAVFO".

Now, I know I'm not insane maybe crazy, but every-time I speak of that name I sense that blue feeling. I feel myself, maybe I feel him. With me.

I have a huge Concern.

Who is this person?! Does any one know of this name? Did I spell it wrong? I feel like he tries to talk with me but all I get is these faint white noises of light. Yes it varies from ear to ear but if I must be exact its not in my ears I feel like its in me. Am I supposed to embrace the sound or interpret it.

I hear but don't understand. Am I missing something?

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Soul-Seeker75 (8 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-12)
Hello, MarkAnthony!

Sounds like you are opening up to a unique ability.

When you start to feel your awareness raise and your attention shift (regardless of whatever you're doing one second before... Like you're sitting there chillin, minding your own business lol and suddenly something gently elevates You from your thoughts or your task) you become like a channel on a Television (or maybe the old timey rabbit ear antennas used to tune into a station more clearly).

I believe that when we are in a relaxed state of mind, we send out a different signal (brainwave, usually low Alpha or high Theta) like we are broadcasting. And Spirit or Energies in other Realms, also send out frequencies... Like a police scanner. When two "similar or harmonious" frequencies sync up, a transmission of sorts is likely.

I've found that when I am painting (I'm an Artist), my energetic vibrations are the highest. And that's when I will be startled by a "crackling" sound in my right ear. And that static/crackle sound is usually followed by a Spirit saying something directly to me.

Are you aware of any physical sensation like that?

Try doing something that is your favorite thing to do... Something that allows you to be in the "flow" lost in your own world where the concept of time evaporates and it's just You. And. It.

And then see if you have any experiences or if you notice any other signals or odd sensations.

To enhance the ability through which communication may be received, allow a natural, easy outlet for the transcription of your Automatic Writing message.

My suggestion is to sit in front of your computer, with a blank document open. Put your hands on the keyboard and close your eyes. In doing this, I've found it's much easier to retrieve information from the Other Side.

I hope this helps you some how. Let me know if there's anything else you would like to discuss. Or have questions.

Good luck to you!

Dr. A.H.
markanthony1bms (1 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-12)
I want to thank both of you for your responses!

It's still been a hassle understanding them but I'm getting there.
W0nder (1 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-15)
Sounds like that may be your spirit guide. It seems as if you can communicate with spirit through free writing, which is pretty awesome!
I get the same high pitched noise in my ears all of the time. Through meditation you can raise your vibration to reach your guide and hear them. You can hear them through your mind (inner voice) or audibly.
Ismael (26 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-18)
Hi MarkAntony;
I am from Brasil and an spiritist. You have a good psychic ability to unfolding your spirit from your body and, the best part of it is that spirit have good vibes. Wen we feel good vibes from an entity this mean we are connected with some one "simpatic". However, to have mediunit ability not only attract good spirits, but if you remain your mind healthy, you could control your body and drag out bad presences. You are the only owner of your body and soul and obvious you aren't crazy, maybe we are all a little crazy. About this name, Gustav, do not concern to mutch about and I'd like to device do not call him, maybe it's not appropriated becouse you will open a channel that you do not know yet. Let it be, pray for him to be enligthfull by their angel guard. Regards

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