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Developing Ability And Automatic Drawing


As I mentioned in my bio I am currently an invited member of a development circle. Initially, may I suggest that people reading this who have recently discovered that they posses a talent/ ability, should in the first instance locate their nearest similar organization and attempt to get a placement.

Developing with a few similar like minds is evidently more powerful and rewarding, plus, of course one need not deal with fear of skeptical remarks from the non believers, as everybody in the group is of the same frame of mind and close in ability.

Bearing this in mind, our exercises and study one particular week was color. Auras, chakras and (it would seem, one of my particular callings,) flowers!

After a led meditation and recount, Janet, the psychic medium teacher, selected partners and asked us to sit opposite one another. Before Janet had said any more about the exercise, which we were to embark on, I had in my head an image of the words 'Black Orchid'. Janet went on to instruct that we should think about our partner in front of us and allocate her/ him a flower, which would represent that persons manner and attributes and life.

How bizarre, I knew already that it would seem that I had to give "x" a Black Orchid, my head had decided that before the exercise was even introduced, I knew this flower needed to be black (obviously,) however, what a black orchid looked like, I didn't know, I've never seen one.

I picked up a drawing pencil. The image, once I had finished was, if I do say so myself, rather beautiful. A long stemmed, unfaltering specimen. Six heads of intricate petalled orange, gray and black flower heads, with detailed stamen pointing skywards. Swathed with its own foliage and indication of further greenery on the nearby river bank, for this particular orchid I had been compelled to draw rooted in a moving river.

I had to give my reasons and thoughts upon why the flower had taken form this way, and the meanings of each pencil line to me were obvious and easily translated.

I explained to "x " that the principle of the orchid being buried, i.e., almost hidden amongst the nearby foliage was indicative that in normal life the stark beauty of the unusual flower is often lost and not noticed to its full potential, the relevance of the petal colors indicated that the person this flower represented was on a search, and the orange stamen pointing heavenwards meant that the journey was going in the right direction.

The relevance of the flower planted in the river was explained that as the water was continually rushing by the base of the plant, something with very strong, substantial roots/ grounding - only - would survive and hold firm, whilst around them the torrent swirled and then Janet asked what relevance the six flower heads. Why six? Thinking I was actually doing ok here with this explanation, I stumbled and came up trumps. Don't know, maybe I am pants after all!

Janet indicated that this represented to her that "x" was in fact in close connection with three spirits on this plain (the three heads on the underside of the orchid) and also with three spirits on the next plain (the three heads sky side of the flower).

"X"s tears of understanding were enough to confirm the interpretation.

I found myself over wrought at the ease at which the flower had appeared and at how much of a resemblance to an actual orchid the illustration had held.

At home for the next couple of days I sat in, not trance like, more an empty, vacant state with my son's coloring pencils and notebook. I produced diagrams of flowers to represent each person in the circle, merely by thinking about them. I then focused my attention onto good friends of mine and people I knew closely whom I could imagine in my minds eye.

Again, the illustrations were phenomenal, and I'm not bragging, because I don't think it was me doing them. I was very aware each time about the importance of EVERY petal and leaf having to have a beginning and an end and of the elaborate detail of the blended colors (should this be necessary) or of the particular shade I was filling the image with.

I had to phone Janet and make an appointment to see her as I was too shocked/ surprised to be able to wait a week to show her this skill.

Janet observed all the flowers I had drawn and identified which person in the group they were meant for completely correctly. She mentioned something about a spirit guide helping me, (but that's another story) and I toddled off home with the confirmation that something was actually happening.

I think I've kind of frightened myself. My pencils have been down for a fortnight now, a) it was half term and screaming children don't bode well with meditation, and b) after a particularly enlightening garden meditation I decided to attempt to portray the garden I had been to.

Well, basically, this stuff should not be coming from my hands. I am not a trained artist, especially not in fine arts! The illustration was of such depth, detail and scope, even the perspective was correct I know there is a spirit guide helping me but to what avail the flowers, anyone know?

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-05)
I don't think young mothers ever get overwhelmed. Nature prepares them for their demanding roles. I do think you should be grateful for the artistic gift.
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-04)
Just a quick one, I wasn't over wrought... Never have been, I was overawed, the editing here kind of loses the tempo somewhat! 😆
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-04)
Glenda, Thankyou for your comments, but I don't quite understand (without wishing to seem rude) I am unaware as to where the young mother debacle comes in, I am able to read between the lines and realise this new gift as a " child which needs to be nurtured " (!) but you've kind of given it to me in a real round the houses kind of fashion... I think! Thankyou for your support however and perhaps we may need to address some British, American colloquialisms! Lol Peace cyu on the flip!
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-04)
As a note - I have had this feeling and watching several days now - knowing a younger mother needed to be told. I also, five minutes ago, told myself that art was under-appreciated. I love it. Our house is filled with art, some expensive, some less so, but all together nice. I was waiting for a mom who needed to know. The hardships happen. Don't worry. Just deal with them when they happen and be happy. Always get over guilt and fear. I don't do this well, honestly, a perfectionist, but I know you see better. Thanks for writing.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-04)
For the past several days, I have been watching young mothers and their children. I was thinking about "how demanding and unrewarding (personally) " those years were and how satisfying in no other way. I don't think mothers of children, young ones, realize how important their position, executive, is and how they are given during this time, special gifts. I was. I'm an older mom now and I can still connect with them in a different way - I won't go there with you because your gifts and experiences will be different. Write them down maybe - I remember but not all. I congratulate you on your drawings. Personally, I think you were helped to do them. I'm not out to please, could care less, but I had that helping too (in a different way) as a young parent. I don't doubt you - for what it's worth. Remember and cherish it.

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