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Exercises In Perceiving Aura


Aura Exercises.

As there has been a great deal of discussion lately on here with regards to a persons aura, I thought these little exercises may be helpful for you to try.

If you can find a willing participant or three, a good experiment for feeling peoples auras, follows.

Initially, attempt to realize the feeling of your own aura, (as you may have done when experimenting with psi balls) by creating and physically responding to the experimentation of increasing and manipulating the energy you can create between your own hands.

Observe how this changes with varying the temperature of hands example, even by imagining first negativity and then positive thoughts, what can you perceive from these experiments?

If you can cajole a candidate to sit before you in a normal dining chair, take a position behind them and let your hands rest 4 or 5 inches above their heads. Bring your hands slowly lower and then back up again until you can feel the same "force" which you are familiar with within your own (psi - ball) hands. By moving your hands "over" their bodies you should be able to feel at which areas their auras are larger, also you may notice hot and cold spots in their auras, this could indicate a poorly area on their physical body or some negativity or positively in their energies. This is also how spiritual healers will first "examine" their clients, feeling for "voids" and abnormalities within the auric field of the person before them. (Just be a little careful when going around a sitters head, as too close with your hands can cause headaches from the pressure of you "pushing" their aura.)

Another fun exercise to try, takes a few more people and a little organization, but is remarkably eye opening if you can assemble a crowd. Perhaps try it at a party.

Stand in a group at one end of a hallway or corridor. There should be a good 10/15 feet between the group and a candidate, whom you will position at the opposite end of the corridor with their back to the group. This candidate should be told to focus on projecting their aura, with all their might, out and through their back, and toward the assembled group.

Nominate one person in the group to approach the candidate, as slowly and as quietly as possible. The candidate should shout stop when he/she can feel the other person "entering" their own aura. The next level of the test, is, with some focus the candidate should be able to feel who has entered their aura, and tell the rest of the group who it is, without actually turning around!

Another exercise to try, again if you can assemble a few or even two people, is aura dowsing. This is great fun too.

You will need a pair of dowsing rods, I have copper ones but I believe silver birch, ash or willow work just as well. Approach a person with your arms and rods extended, go very slowly and a step at a time. When the rods begin to cross as you approach, you have detected the person's outer level of auric field.

I love this experiment. Play with variations again, asking to see if the person can concentrate on projecting their aura at various places.

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Aisling (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-19)
hay thanks for telling me that I am claire voyant I never thought I was so I wanted to keep trying my mom says my powers are pretty advanced for my age 😊
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
The energy band out of the eye trick sounds interesting, I feel a meditation coming on!
VulpesVulpes (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
Hey jadetiger. Strange that you should mention walls, I found myself putting one up deliberately for the first time in ages yesterday. I was in a public building and someone who I had taken an instant dislike to had sat next to me. Though we said nothing, the feelings which I was privy too were decidedly unpleasant, so I put up a mental barrier between us, simply by energising my aura, and concentrating on shifting the flow of energy to my right side, towards the person in question. Once there I focussed upon it becoming a large sheet of glass between us, and the feelings stopped. The person in question seemed to squirm a little in their seat when I did this, so I do wonder about their motives in sitting next to me in the first place.

Such a wall is small, and on a personal scale, though I have been involved in putting up such barriers around my ex girlfriends house, a glass dome to be exact, though it took two of us and was very tiring. Those sorts of walls are a little different from the one that I previously described, as they are less to do with your aura and more to do with will and imagination. You actively imagine the walls going into place, and they do. While your aura is instrumental in instigating the creation of said walls, it does not actively maintain them, and this has to be done every so often through reaffirming the image in you and your group's minds.

Oh, and as for the people walking up behind you thing, care to evolve that little ability?

I have y'see, and it now has almost radar like properties. As in, it runs 360 degrees for a few metres around me once I activate it. It's quite simple too. Extend your aura forward, from your third eye until it is as long and as thin a band as is comfortable. Then simply will that band of energy to turn around you, and note any energy signatures which you pick up in your immediate vicinity. When you are done, there is no need to reabsorb or realign your aura, as the band of energy just snaps back automatically. Let me know if you try it eh?
jadetiger (8 stories) (55 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-11)
So this is why that, at times people can't walk up behind without me knowing. I never thought it could be my aura projecting out.
Would that be the same as putting up walls? I mean to keep the negative energy out. I really would like some insight on this.
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-10)
Hi Anglegirl, Thanks for commenting.
There is a layer in your aura which reflects or holds past traumas within your life (and past lives also), these are carried as slight damage to your auric field, but can easily be repaired during an aura cleansing meditation. I should post one on here eh?

Vulpes, again my lesson in psychic defence noted ta! (and btw, it's not for me, but who knows if I may need it myself one day!?)

Linx 😊
VulpesVulpes (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-10)
If I might add to academylin's illuminating work on the nature of the aura, it might be prudent to discuss one or two of the ways in which one can utilise their own energy field as a tool of psychic defence. The aura can be as passive or as active as it's owner desires, and if given the right training can turn into a valuable tool for both dealing with the living world on a day to day basis and the spirit world should the worst happen on our voyages into the unknown.

From personal experience, the ability to harden the aura to outside emotional stimuli, and therefore block negative emotions from entering your personal vibrational space is particularly useful, especially for empaths like myself. It also serves to make you seem a far less attractive meal for any wondering entities which might wish to attach themselves to your aura, and indeed there are variations of the below techniques which could indeed be perceived as offensive as opposed to defensive in nature with regards to how they treat such entities, and for that reason I will, for now at least, leave them to everyone's imaginations.

The single most effective method of hardening the aura that I have found is to simply boost the energy flowing around it, through either mental will or physical exercise. This has the effect of boosting your own energy signature to such a degree that the far weaker external sources cannot pierce it. While the mental version of this is my altogether preferred methodology, and the utilisation of pure, unbridled rage my tool of choice for achieving it (despite the possible backlash which I am risking in using a negative emotional vibration to defend myself), the physical method is far easier to achieve for those who do not have a high degree of control over their emotions.

And what is the secret of the physical method? There isn't one. Breaking into a jog raises your blood flow and body temperature, not to mention produces copious amounts of adrenalin, all of which help to raise your shields. It really is that easy, no hidden pitfalls, and it is a huge boost to your confidence to be able to take control of your own abilities when all around are losing control of theirs.
angleGirl111 (1 stories) (113 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-10)
I have cold spots on my head... Thats where I got stitches when I was three. My mom my friend and my nieghbor all got the same thing

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