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Trance - Figuration


"Who wants to try it?" Janet finished her explanatory theory and sat rubbing her hands together in glee. (If you don't know from other experiences on here, Janet is a psychic medium and the leader of my development circle.) Heather and I looked at each other and the other two who were present seemed to shrink back into the wallpaper, using excellent camouflaging techniques.

A little daunted by the theory Janet had just explained, there were inevitably questions to be asked.

"No, spirit doesn't take over the whole of you, ninety per cent maximum, you always have a ten per cent control, and you won't even get anywhere near that anyway. That takes years of practice." "Spirit doesn't take you over any way, you merely have to step back" "I'll take you up and be with you all the time."

"No, we are not opening up any bad portals, we are only working here in the light, when have we ever entertained negativity? Right, never. So come on."

She is quite convincing. Heather and I tossed the idea around and decided that she was going tonight. I would go the next time.

Trance is a very difficult ability to practice. You can't practice it on your own as you need really to gather the energies of at least four other people. You also need a guide, or a minder if you like, to ensure that the room is as anticipated, the people in it are trusted, known and reliably safe/grounded and that there will be no interruptions. It has been known to cause serious harm to the medium if a sudden unexpected noise or disturbance interrupts the trance state. And if the trance session is outside a controlled closed circle, it would normally be a ticket only event, so the medium knew prior to commencement who would be attending. The need for souls who are purely good is essential.

And anyway, why would you practice trance on your own? The whole amazing point of trance figuration is that the medium may begin to take on characteristics/resemble the appearance of the spirit who is contacting them/ coming through. How would you see what was happening to yourself? (So basically I'm saying, don't try this at home. Got it?)

Janet led Heather into a highly meditative state. We all sat across from Heather and sent her out our elevation (curious thing to explain, but I guess that's what we did). Initially her aura became apparent as a golden glow behind her on the wall. Over some period of concentration and Heather's meditation, her aura could be seen visibly pulsing and growing larger, until it extended, I would say, approx a foot above and around her.

Janet spoke in whispers to make sure we had recognized the aura. Then she asked if we could notice anything else. It was unanimous that Heathers face had lost all its signs of age and weatheredness. (So long botox! Hello trance!) Heather's face now resembled that of an eleven year old we agreed.

Janet could see pigtails, (which I couldn't distinguish here.) and she indicated that there was something happening at the throat chakra. All this was whispered to us in hushed tones. Heather did not acknowledge any of this at this point. Still watching Heather's face, it became clear that her mouth was, well, twitching! Not like a nervous fast twitch, kind of like a morphing chew, that's the only way I can describe it. It did this for some time and we all acknowledged seeing it.

Janet intervened and explained gently to Heather that she could come down when she so wished. (Afterwards Janet explained that it was then that she had realized the sadness Heather was experiencing and felt it necessary to bring her out.) With some very heavy sighs and deep erratic breaths, Heather opened her eyes.

Heather is clairsentient, ie; she senses/ feels spirit. I am clairvoyant, I see, Janet is claireverything!

Heather explained how she had felt. And was more surprised that something actually had happened than what had actually happened. She had felt an overwhelming sadness at the point that Janet had stepped in, she also had felt the desire to speak, but was too afraid that she would come out with a right load of nonsense, so had fought the urge back, (it was after all her first time!)

Heather went on to say that earlier in the evening after the meditation at the start of the session, she had felt a little girl come and sit on her lap. Janet took over here, "right, well just go up yourselves and try and find her". I heightened my own energies as Janet went on, "Now Heather," (the little girl was there and not quite as old as we had first anticipated, I would say she was about 9 or 10). "Heather, hold her hand and tell her to turn to the light." Janet said, "Tell her, tell her that her Grandma is there waiting for her."

When Heather told her mentally to go to the light, I saw the little girl appear by the candle which was on the coffee table next to Heather and she patted the flame a few times with her hand, watching the flame dance. The little girl, unusual for the spirits I have seen before, was in a modern school uniform. Not period dress which I find is generally my experience. She was very sad and very thin and she had long brown hair tied in two braids.

Heather said afterwards the little girl kept going the wrong way and she had had to indicate the light several times! Bless her little heart, she was obviously confused and had gone to the candle light instead the first time. The little girl (with no name) did indeed join her Grandma, the sadness which had filled the room momentarily, disappeared.

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martha (5 stories) (89 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
oh, this makes so much sense now for the second time reading posts on this site today, ok so I realize now while driving in my car for some reason is when I am put under a ''trance'' so suddenly and at random, it makes sense to me now how I don't get into a car accident while driving because at the sametime I will be going in the direction I intended in during my travels but do not know how I got there in one piece (safe), it does prove to me that we are not 100% under a trance state of mind and like you say 90% we are still aware of our surroundings, I need mention its a very scary thing that just takes over and feels like an intense Daydream... So I go with it but still fighting it to come out of it then to feel discombobulated and not knowing if i'm coming or going or where I was heading to in the first place, this will last for 1-2mins. But seems forever, all happening in slow motion is the best way to explain it. Thanks info... Very interesting!
acoya143 (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-26)
I was researching transfiguration because it happened to me as several past relatives (my mom and grandma) came to me to ask for forgiveness... I was actually in the middle of putting on my makeup when I saw this happening. So it actually happens even when we aren't in front of people or in a seance. I have never even been to a seance... Interesting subject!

Thanks for the post.

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