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Trance - Figuration 5


What an interesting e mail to wake up to on snowy morning in Cornwall (!). I don't even know where you are Michelle, but Good Morning anyway! I'm flattered that you felt drawn to me... I think! Hopefully I may be able to help.

Initially from what you wrote, (which I will go through you bit by bit,) you sound very anxious and afraid. You mustn't be scared of this kind of thing, in fact we should have nothing to fear other than fear itself. I may be able to help you more with this later also!

Hmmmm...Where to start? O.K. As may be apparent from my stories and other posts, I have been studying psychic and mediumship abilities for some time now and slowly my realizations are becoming clearer. The problem lies however, (and no disrespect meant to you here Michelle,) in trying to represent the thought patterns and discoveries I have made in what we in England call "layman's" terms. This is a difficulty I am constantly faced with because there is such an abundance of knowledge out there which culminates in an answer or reasoning for "stuff" which occurs, that trying to condense it (the information) into an explanation becomes more and more difficult and "out there" that I often start sounding like a loon!

That's my attempt at apologizing before I go on, if this makes no sense to you!

Are you aware of Beta, alpha, Theta and delta states of consciousness? No, didn't think so... Right well briefly a beta state is your normal waking and functioning state of awareness, the one where all your physical five senses tell you what to feel/see/hear etc. The alpha state is what some people call the "sixth sense". You know when you get a "feeling" about someone or a place, a bit like you e mailing me, something let you know that you should send that mail. Well, that's Alpha, a kind of sub conscious knowing. You achieve an alpha state when you close your eyes and meditate slightly or even just daydream, and alpha is emotional whilst Beta is physical. A psychics competency level lies with their ability to interpret their reactions within the alpha state, ie; how aware they are of their gut feelings.

Okay, Theta... I am currently in love with the theta state for some reason, and ironically it feels like you have been sent to test me on my knowledge because this is the area I have been exploring in detail lately, and I feel this is the area in which our/your explanation lies. Briefly again theta is the state in which a message occurs, when a thought enters awareness. For example, you'll think "Oh, I need to phone Lynne." Then Lynne will ring. That kind of thing. Theta is the telepathic state and it is also "the dream voice" If beta is your waking state and alpha is a relaxed (subconscious) state, then a theta state is when you are asleep. I explain it and feel it more strongly as the point at which you are just dropping off to sleep. This I believe is you still being a little bit conscious (too awake) to achieve deep theta state/sleep.

Okay, now, the fascination lies with me in trying to achieve an aware or conscious theta state. More about that later. I think I can explain what you experienced now that you understand a little of what state your brain waves are functioning at. Interesting so far huh?

I have been studying dream interpretation for some time This would indicate why you were actually able to remember your similar encounter. The fact that you have been involved in researching the meaning of dreams, obviously inclines that you are interested in what your own dreams represent, thus indicating an interest in something other than "the norm" thus indicating that your awareness is susceptible. Don't panic! Having a "susceptible awareness" IS a good thing.

What I can not get over is the paralyzing fear (this is different than the physical paralysis that occurs in sleep, I am fully awake in my dream, and know that I need to wake up, or that I'm terrified of something and that if I don't wake up, I literally feel like I might die) Now, as I mentioned earlier you have nothing to fear other than fear itself. Your fear lies in not understanding what is happening. The title of "Trans Figuration part 3" when I posted the story was "Very Lucid Dreaming", the moderators obviously edited it on site so people could read how this experience had been achieved. The lessons en route, if you like. Lucid dreaming is kind of what you and I have experienced here. Lucid dreaming is being aware in your dreams, a) in order to be able to remember them upon waking, by either willing this to be so or instilling a practice which wakes you after each dream that you have so you are able to remember it/ them. (Apparently we dream about 5 or 6 times each night at about 2 hour intervals) Your paralyzing fear up there is not fear, merely a misunderstanding in your head/brain as to why you are still too awake that you are feeling a dream. It is in fact your head saying..." I need to do this unconsciously NOT consciously." This is actually quite an achievement and means that your mind is not only susceptible as I mentioned earlier, it illustrates to me that in this region it (your mind) is also quite advanced! You would be a fantastic psychic with this level of awareness.

Forgive me for getting excited over what you actually fear. But I keep telling you, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR.

There is great pressure, on my body, but mainly on my chest, and I am awake in one complete sense, and I do mean, completely aware that I need to wake myself up somehow, but my body can't do it. I feel evil, a presence of something that I can not even begin to describe. Then there is the ringing, I can only describe it as a shrill scream, what I imagine a dog's whistle would sound like, and this sound is infectious, throughout my entire soul. I feel it pulsing still. In the midst of this shrill ringing, I am usually able to wake myself up, but the pressure in my chest is still so intense. I am also aware, that during the dream, I feel that I need to get to my five year old daughter, that she needs me. The weirdest thing is that usually, within a few hours of this dream I wake up to find her standing by my bed because of nightmares. My dream is more than a nightmare, I am physically threatened by something, or I am trying to understand something.

This "pressure" thing as well. Again don't fear it. Okay, how aware are you of the chakras? I know, I know... You're not right?! Lol. Okay, well a brief lesson on those as well then!

There are seven commonly known and operational chakras (which are in fact whirling energy centres). They are located in a line, imagine down your spine kind of line, and are; The base chakra or root (located where your tail used to be.) Your Sacral chakra, (located just above your rude bits!) Your Solar Plexus chakra (just below your belly button) Your heart chakra (in the centre but on line with your heart, funnily enough!) Your throat chakra, your third eye chakra (commonly thought to be located in the centre of your forehead) and your crown chakra, which we will say is on the top of your head, although it does actually hover a little above in your aura (but we're NOT going THERE! Lol!)

Right we are going to concern ourselves with the heart chakra here. The heart chakra is THE EMOTIONAL centre. When I mentioned earlier the Alpha state being the emotional state and theta the realization of alpha and beta in an awareness, (hmm, I feel that would have lost you, let me try again...) If beta is what we know and alpha is what we feel then when theta comes into the mix it's like thinking what we should feel, when in fact we shouldn't be feeling it. So your heart chakra is the mixing centre of all the alpha and beta bits, and your heart isn't really understanding it (the mix of alpha and beta) either!

The "pressure" funnily enough in the same region too, is what happens to me when I go on what I call, "a psychic roll" This is when I am awake and suddenly become aware as to how someone's problem/attitude can be dealt with, it is in fact the mixing of what I know, because I can see, hear or feel it, what I imagine to be the concern/ problem and it's root cause and then a theoretical solution appears to me, after its all been analyzed and mixed in the theta (heart). Wow! That's the first time I've actually explained that and it completely makes sense and explains the pressure in that area! I also have the pressure in my throat and obviously this is because this is the chakra for clairaudience, clear speaking, and obviously I then have to translate all these mixed up feelings of mine into words to be able to explain them concisely to someone who is asking the question! (Funnily enough, this is what I was expecting to feel whilst I do this for you, but it's not and I'm not, and that's not because I have lost or lessened my ability, it is because now that I am aware of all these things, it is now merely just science. Meta physics to be exact!) Sorry, just clarifying that for myself there!

Any way...Next!

Right still to do; the noise... And your daughter.

The noise I believe is something to do with the initial stages of astral projection. There is reports of the ringing, this is very common, as too is a loud bang (this I experienced the other night for the first time. Because I kind of knew what to expect I should have stayed at the state I was at, but it still did bring me back to consciousness because I woke up to see if a truck had ploughed into the bedroom, it was that loud! I suppose, as in Trance Figuration part two, because I wasn't really expecting it, I obviously shocked myself (or impressed? Myself) with my ability, and then it made me laugh!) There are also reports of hearing voices too at this level. They can be lots and lots, a bit like loads of radios on at once or just one or two very loud clear ones.

Before the "BANG" which shook me back to consciousness (intentionally, I didn't want to come back to consciousness at this time as I was having a lovely time meeting and chatting with my spirit guide at this particular moment!) I was what felt to be on a very busy train platform, there was lots and lots of unintelligible chatter from the passengers on the platforms and two REALLY loud tanoy, you know, like those loud hailer kind of things, well they were shouting as well, it was quite bizarre, but great for my studies!

Right so that's the noise. Now the fact that your daughter generally appears in reality, ie; the physical after these experiences would indicate to me your telepathic abilities with her and vice versa. Thinking about it an pulling everything in together like this for you has also confirmed my suspicions too.

I have always suspected my daughter (aged ten) to be gifted with these type of abilities, and upon researching this (again "coincidently", only yesterday or the day before) I wondered if in fact Casey was too. My research kind of cleared up my answer, and now you have just confirmed it for me! Subconsciously however, I feel the need to reach for Casey, and ditto you to your daughter, as in your heart lies the belief that this is the youngest part, the newest most pure part of your family, (this is the case with my family any way,) and it is the desire to protect physically them from something which is (not really) there. Obviously without this knowledge or explanation, our make up is/was such that we/you physically believed that these threats are/ were there so felt swayed to protect the little ones from this non existing "fear"/"threat".

These children are what is now considered Crystal children, there is a good definition and some interesting references here

The different states and their explanations, in fact an excellent course for beginners to psychics is here

And there is some info on astral projection here,

This is courtesy of Anne v who is the moderator of the psychic site, she's quite the one on this topic. But I particularly liked the information here...eeek, can't find it. Therefore it's not relevant for you anyway!

Well, if I have merely told you stuff that you have learned already then sorry, this has actually worked out brilliantly for me as it has been like recapping what I have been studying lately and making sense of it to myself. But sorry if it appeared like I was trying to teach my granny to suck eggs, ie; you already learned all this! God, I could go on all day cause this brings me to another lesson in that we DO know EVERYTHING already, we just need to remember it again. If that makes some sense to you, then you are on the right road already, and if it doesn't then it is an indication that you are now at the very start of a long and most interesting spiritual journey! (I'm here to help if you need me, but you have to take this journey all alone! Sounds foreboding doesn't it, but it isn't and DON'T be alarmed!) (smile)

One other thing, coincidences. There are no such things as coincidences... If that makes sense to you, then ditto above, if it doesn't then ditto above too!

Hope this all made some sense!

And I hope it helped!

Better had do, it took me 2 and a half hours to type! Lol!

Oh by the way I have just discovered that drinking too much wine before you go to bed makes it all stop and go away! Tee hee!

Lynne x

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academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-22)
Love synchronycities! I just this minute mailed you back, and here you are on here talking to me! Lol! 😆
RareBreed (2 stories) (22 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-22)
Thank you for sharing these wonderful gems of information. I never considered the different states of consciousness and this will help me to better understand the things that I am going through.

It seems people are drawn to you on a regular basis.

I'm sorry if my email was "off" to you.

I still view you as a guiding voice and as a teacher and again, I am sorry if I offended you at all.

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