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Let me start off by saying this started when I was about 6 years old, maybe before. I am going to try to get straight to the point. In school I remember often being able to put my self in like a trance state and was able to put what felt like my spiritual energy into another person and was able well it felt like I was able to feel and to see threw their eyes it was like I was able to put myself into them... I know this sounds weird but its true. I was able to do this a lot as a child and thought it was weird but fun and as I grew I look back and think it might have been dangerous. And then so many horrible things happened in my child hood that could have had a impact on these abilities and often wonder if I can regain this gift, I feel like I may have lost this gift and now I am trying to get back to what it was that I had. AND HAVING A NAME FOR THESE ABILITIES WOULD ALSO BE AWESOME. I also would like to hear from people who also experienced the same thing to let me know I'm not the only one with this ability. Please if there is anybody out there that can help please contact me... This is real important to me cause not only do I feel like something is missing, this could help me know where to go in life from here. Even if you know where I can go to get the answers I seek that will also be a great help, you may also contact me by email am so very excited to get feed back and to hear what every one has to say. Thank you for your time to read this. Happy halloween everyone!

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01)
wendy4u this is referred to as, "Trance healing".

I have practiced healing: by prayer as a youth,
At 18yrs of age I practiced laying on of hands,
When my hands were hot or cold.
As of late I had entered a class this year
Called Trance. I enjoyed the class and messages
Were coming forth that changed my life and helped
Me on a daily basis.

Last month we were on Holiday, and I worked on a
Horse named Ladalco. He had problems of the back
As well as an illness called, "Mud fever", which
Surfaced after a few treatments.
With the healing I experienced deeper breathing, a
Contact with the Horse that opened my awareness
To healing, to sense his pain, physically, emotionally. This also stepped into my dreams. And revealed
A past life that surfaced, the old incarnation had wounds and aligned with issues that occured with the owners as well as the land.
Some of the interaction with Ladalco, I felt, sensed as
This is what is referred to as Trance healing!

Trance healing is when we open ourself to spirit and
Actually open up, at a point so we have a sense of sitting back,
Allowing spirit to take a front seat and allow it to
Flow. With the interaction there is various types of breathwork,relaxation, we experience: feel,see, smell sense spirit of client/patient. We also experience energy via our spine, throat and heart. An opening around the crown expands like a fan, and those whom have sight can see our guide that we have opened up to. If the voice is the instrument, then our voice will change, as well as a feeling of elation,euphoria. And when it is healing, we have similar sensations, except the hands can be much more intensified. The healing will be on a Higher level and we can see the a white mist and colors shooting out from our hands also experiencing the healing align as it move inwardly, sensing aches and pains. Such as if identifying with the subject.

The main key in Trance is "surrender"! Meditation and breathwork also help us to open up. Utilizing protection and having a place to practice that is safe is equally important.

On my journey I have done prophecy, mediumship that
I did not feel secure with. But with Trance I am convinced that is a higher way.

There is a book by Robert Bruce whom used trance when
Healing a person whom had been under psychic attack.

The book: "Energy Work", may be of help. Another book by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
"Opening to Channel.
Please listen to yourself if you feel uneasy in any way. Stop, then reassess.

You can gain it back old abilities regardless of how many years have passed. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
auricsean (2 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-31)
Your ability is a type of spiritual possession, you direct your spirit into another and can become them, but with very minor control, and the only harm is on your spiritual energy, if you can build it you can sustain it longer without any harm to you or them. I have sent an email to you, I may be able to help more, my email address is auricsean [at] if you wish to contact me yourself. Try, thinking what you did as a kid to possess people maybe the memory will come back along with the dormant ability. Goodluck

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