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A Really Weird Brain State


Yesterday, I had this really strange thing happened to me, it was the day before my exam, and I was lying in bed and couldn't really sleep at all cause I accidently took a nap earlier in the evening, so I was just lying there for a long while watching some TV, when I finally felt that it was time to sleep, it had actually become quite late. And before I closed my eyes I thought to myself, "It's a long time ago I've had a nightmare". I know strange thing to think, but it just came to me. So I close my eyes trying to think of something completely different. And after about 30 minutes or so I was 'sleeping' but I was still awake kind of, best way to describe it I guess is saying I was in some sort of trance, never tried it like this before. But I start hearing these steps in the hallway, well all I heard was the planks making that squeaking sound, and I thought to myself, that's probably just my mom going to the bathroom, so I ignore it, but as I listen I can tell it's going back and forth, and that's when I start thinking wow that's weird, but I'm way too tired to act. I try as hard as possible to ignore it, but then it starts to come towards my room, and I can hear my door open and the steps stops right at my bed, basically right at my head, and my body starts to slightly panic, and I can sort of feel something touching my duvet, and that's when all I want to do is open my eyes but I can't, don't know why, and I feel this slight touch on my shoulder, and that's when it just gets way too crazy, all I can control is my breathing, and it's just going crazy. I try really hard to just open my eyes and move away, but I really just can't and it still feels as if someone or something is touching my shoulder, and well it feels weird to say this but it really felt like a hand, as if I could feel the fingers. And I'm just trying so hard to get away and move away, and I just keep trying, and when I can finally move I just jump out of bed open my eyes and I'm just breathing heavily and my heart is just pounding, it felt like I had sprinted a mile or something, cause I could just hardly catch my breath.

And there was nothing there! I have been thinking about it ALL day, and I try to remember every little detail of before I fell asleep, and I do remember that I had left my door slightly open, but when I had awaken from my 'trance' or whatever it was, it stood wide open.

There was no one in the apartment, except for my mom, but she was sleeping "I checked" because I was actually really scared there for the first time in a long time.

And I told my mom the day after, and she was, well she was more scared than I was:)

But I have been thinking about this all day, and have tried my very best to deny that it was some sort of spirit or something. I thought to myself, well It could probably have been a spider or something crawling on my shoulder, but I mean when I think back it just felt too much like a hand, and even if it was a spider on my shoulder, it doesn't explain the squeaking noises, and the feeling of something touching my duvet, and my door being wide open.

I do believe in spirits in some sort, but I'm not a strong believer. But this was just way too much for me, I really had to share it. I think I've read something once of some brain trance state, where your brain basically plays tricks on you. But haven't been able to find anything after searching all day.

I've tried some weird unexplainable things before, but nothing like this, this time it just felt way too real, I'm not the type you scare easily at all and I'm usually really skeptical at these sort of stories.

But if anyone can help me explain some of this, please do so!

- A 17 Year old Boy.

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Rosetta (1 stories) (52 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-07)
I agree with Islvoter. That could be it also. And the fact that people would want to try THAT is kind of insane to me since is not something so simple. Some people can do it and some just CANT.
IslVoter (257 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-07)
Vanish (sorry for the mispell earlier),

Yes, it is more common to have more of these experiences once you have had one, especially if you were really scared by it, because then you have even more fear about going to sleep and will more likely be in the brain awake/body asleep state--which can bring on the other things.

Decide if this is something you want to know more about or if you just want it to stop. And then RELAX. Again--you can't be hurt. Ask for help from whomever you believe in if you are scared. Just ask in your mind.

IslVoter (257 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-07)
This is called Sleep Paralysis and the sounds and things you heard were hypnagogic sounds--the way your body tries to check to make sure your body is asleep before your brain shuts down. (There is also the brain checking to make sure body is relaxed). Google these things and you will learn what they are. It happens most often when you are overly tired--i.e. Body so tired but brain been awake for too long and can't relax. Happens sometimes in strange beds.

There is also a phenomenon called "The Old Hag" where people feel a dark presence is hanging over their face as they try to wake during sleep paralysis. It is their own psychic body and consciousness trying to reenter the body.

You can stop the sleep paralysis by moving a little finger--something small. And don't panic. Many people TRY to get in this state in order to experience Out of Body experiences.

If it happens again, remember that fear is your only enemy. You can't be hurt. Just bring white light down into your head if you want to be reassured.

Good luck.

Vanish (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-06)
Sure does!
And well if it wanted to scare me, it sure did succeed 😁.
Haven't felt anything since then though, however I can't think of anything else when I try to sleep now, hopefully that will pass over time though 😊

Thank you for your response!
Rosetta (1 stories) (52 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-05)
The fact that you think you're going crazy makes it that much more likely that it isnt. It could have been a poltergeist trying to scare you. I believe that when you were in a wake/sleeping state that your psychic senses were somehow heightened. In my opinion the brain is more vulnerable to the projection psychic or supernaturalevents/beings while the person is in a state of rest. I hope that helps at least a bit. 😊

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