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Seeing Some Weird Stuff


This is going to be a bit disorganized because i'm a bit scatterbrained, but I will do my best to explain.

So,i have absolutely no idea when this started happening, but it happens, and very spontaneously at that. Basically, what i'm seeing is what I can best describe as branches of me, whenever I do anything, no matter how mundane, I can see very unfocused copies of myself for a few moments, they usually last long enough for me to see where they are going.

For example, I saw one just now, I was on my way to the bathroom with my phone in hand, was lucky enough to see one go into the bathroom and then trip and hurt themself. I usually take any misfortune I see in these weird visions as a warning, and I realized I was dragging my feet a bit and probably would have tripped on a part in the carpet that was ripped if I didn't pick my feet up more.

Also, I know this may sound weird but sometimes I feel a weird kind of Deja Vu, like I see the entirety of the rest of the conversation all in under a millisecond so I get hazy snippets.

But hey, if this means anything having to do with anything just let me know I guess, i'm kind of curious I kind of think its just weak intuition, but I wouldn't be surprised if its some weird psychic something or other, i'm kind of skeptical when it comes to psychic stuff as some of what I read is kind of bogus, but seeing what I do see has me very, very curious as to what exactly is happening with my eyes/min/brain here, nobody else in my family sees anything similar so I don't really know, now i'm going to go to bed because at the time of writing this it is approaching 10 pm

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