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Weird Choir In The Mornings


What I will say here is absolutely genuine and I have no reason to lie and make up any stories. You must also know, that I'm not even a believer, but atheist, however I clearly can't explain this phenomena what I experienced when I was a kid:

In 90's, the place where I live was facing serious econimical crisis and we didn't even have simple electricity for whole day. I grew up mostly on candles. I remember that few times, in the morning (or at night, can't exactly recall exact time) when everyone was sleeping, I was hearing very weird singing. It wasn't even a song, but a choir of multiple voices, it was like how to say, overtones (don't even know if it's a right word to describe). After so many years, I still remember this choir or whatever it was. When this happened, everyone was sleeping and it was very silent. I felt scary, but didn't wake up anyone. I don't exactly remember if this happened only once or a few times. There is no way neighbors would sing and to be honest it didn't even sound like human choir. I never had any trauma or psychologial problems in my life, I'm a normal person, never even experienced any hallucinations, so I really can't explain this phenomena. Since that, after many hours I never experienced this. As I already stated, I'm not a religious or spiritual person at all, but there is a second phenomena I noticed recently that is hard to ignore: I don't know if it's coincidence or no, but very often I see the numbers 11:11 or 1:11, almost everywhere, whenever I look at the clock or whenever I pause the movie time remaining shows those numbers or even on Microwave... I don't know if those two things are connected to each other, I don't even know what is going on. Maybe those 11:11s are just coincidences (but it's too much for coincidence), but can't really explain the choirs in my childhood.

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Veronica13 (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-09)
Hi Dean, I have been hearing singing and tunes for many years. At least 15 now. It's not all the time. Always at home when it is quiet. Sometimes I've listened to a conversation like an interview. I even heard the name. I did write it down and look up the name and it was a very old baseball player that died long ago. I don't remember the name anymore. It now reminds me that I have a deceased relative that was the first sports writer in America. I'm trying to remember the name. I think the last name began with a T. I'll find it sometime when I go to a family FB site that any member of family can join, show pics, tell the stories they were told, letters from grandfathers when one was young and was a merchant marine, back very early 1900's before 1920. Anyway, it is there I learn of the different connections of cousins, second and third cousins, etc. Their families history.
We get to share pics of others family that we have, but they have never seen.
Ok, sorry, got off track. It is a good way to find out all about your history though.
I hear some really neat songs sometimes. I also dream that I'm singing a song that I never heard before and find that I wake myself up singing so loudly. Just 2 days ago I was looking around trying to find the TV on somewhere playing country music and singing but I couldn't make out the words. Nothing was on in the house. So, I just think, hmmm, wish I could have heard the words instead of just feeling the emotion of it, but it was nice. Love, sweet, happiness. I noticed your numbers next to your name. Mine are always 1313. After many years, I decided to look it up after seeing the numbers on a bracelet for sale of bible quote numbers. I found that it said, of the words that stuck with me, were," and of all these things, above all, love each other". There are times I have felt out of sorts, one time angry. I wanted to yell, but stopped myself and went to the bedroom and dug out the Bible. I sat in on my lap and held it. I said, " please God help me, I'm so angry, upset. It's too much." I took the book, placed my fingers at each side to open it where he would talk to me. Give me an answer. No one ever told me about doing that, but it just came to me to do it that way. I asked what he would have me know. I opened it and my eyes went straight to a passage in proverbs and it said, " Only fools will let words spew forth from their mouth." Meaning to me, I envisioned people yelling at each other and no one ever hearing but a tiny bit of what the other says and hurtful. I didn't want to be that to a person I said I loved, so I said, thank you lord. And I was calm again. Just remembering that, has helped me to be more thoughtful when I speak, and do it in kindness, and if I make a booboo in some way, I say, no, I'm sorry, that's not right or I should have said such and such. To just own up to a not nice thing right off the bat. Catch yourself and stop. If you notice, most people that are always angry are never happy. If you walk around with a frown, that's all you will receive back. Until an empathetic person happens by and tells you all will be ok. Don't worry, have a great day. Just some words that make you realize you're another person in this world that matters and they noticed you in that way. There will be people that just think it, but not be able to say the words. I hope you'll feel it. Try to keep focused on the good, not any evil. If you encounter it, just pray. Tell it that God is stronger and he always wins. Tell it to go away that God demands it. Even in your dreams. It helps.

Find a bible. It could save you from something in the future. Ask questions. Ask him to help you find what he wants you to know. Open it randomly. Read the first thing you see. Does it speak to you in some way. Help to settle your mind or give you insight into something you were thinking about.

When I used to get out more, I would sometimes come across a person usually with I child, and I have the urge to stop them. I ask them to please not tell me their child's name, that I wanted to guess it.
I can always guess it correctly.
One time I said the name, it was in Spanish spelling, so I said it like that. I have it written down but can't remember at this moment, but just for a name, I'll say it was Edwardo. He said no. And I was stuck. I said, what is it. He said Edward. I said, Oh, in English form! It's happened many times, some people ask how I did that. My words are; " all I can say is that God knows your child, even before he sends him or her to you, and so, I have to say it must be of God, because who else could it be to have given me the ability to know a person's name when he wants me to.
I've done that when I was 17 where I worked. I would guess the whole name and write it down. I'd see them coming and quickly write it. One time a girl said, i've never been here before and I never met you, how do you know my name, with a very quizzical look on her face. Like suspicious also. I said, after shrugging my shoulders, I don't know you, I just guess names. That was that. She walked out. That was almost 50 years ago. I have more stories about names, and other premonitions that happened later. I knew when my first daughter was going to be born even though the doc said it would be weeks later. I had a dream I pulled her out of my tummy under her arms and what she looked like, with her hair stuck against her forehead. She was born a couple days later, on the day I said and she was a footling breach, where one of her legs was in the birth canal and her head was up. (they are usually born head first) so, the doc pulled her out with her hands under her arms and lifted her up for me to see, she looked like I had seen her in the dream.
I find, it's the dreams that wake me and are so vivid that are the ones that must mean something. How about last week. The engine parts falling in a town.
This happened about 5 miles from my home about 20 years ago. I dreamed it. An engine fell on a college campus. I only saw the buildings and knew the street area and the engine on the grass in my dream. But, that was the college campus, and it happened about 5-7 days later, after my dream.
You'll notice things as you age. Things happening over and over, coincidences that happen a lot. You never know what life will give you. Just focus on being happy, being a good moral person. Enjoying life and relationships. Watching word don't flow out of your mouth that are hurtful. Treat others as you want to be treated. We all fall at times. Get yourself back up, and carry on. Apologize when you may have been harsh or snarky. We can always be better. Have a wonderful life. I will check your numbers out- look at verse 9:19. Not sure of which book of the Bible it may be in, but we'll see if proverbs pops up when my fingers do the walking from the lord.
If there's a 9 th book, I'll look at that. I do not know a lot about it, but, I believe he speaks to you if you let him.
He once showed be what it would be like to die. It's like moving over to another realm. He called it, within my mind, pass over. You have no memory of your life anymore, you are like new again, happy, no worries. You know God will watch over your family. There's more to it, but I must go. I've been here awhile talking to you. This is the first time I've been here. I wonder how many older people like me came here. I just have to see after all these years, if others have experienced things I have. Bye for now.
Mela-Atlas (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-07)
This is literally my first post.

So, I do not actually claim to have a gift, only unique experiences I wish to explore further. These experiences I have had are actually very easily attributed to the neurological disorder I have, but do not explain the results of the experiences.

Lame vagueness I know. However I do have a point relevant to your post.

There is a phenomenon known as hypnopompic hallucinations which can occur in anyone, but are particularly common in my neurological disorder. What it is believed to be is dreaming/REM sleep bleeding into the wakeful state. The same is true for the hallucinations upon going into sleep, but they are called hypnogogic hallucinations.

Close cousins to sleep paralysis.

I can appreciate a healthy level of skepticism. You don't want to let your brains fall out from being too open minded. But May I ask, as I once found myself identifying as Atheist... Do you believe that there are potentially some things that simply cannot readily be explained by today's science? I'm asking when it pertains to the human perception, but it does apply to basically anything.

One does not have to have a belief in a defined divine being to suspect there could be something to it 😉

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