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Help With Protection From Astral Parasites And Spiders


I have awakened a few times during the night to see Astral spiders near my head. It's very disconcerting and nothing I did distracted them from what seemed to be their purpose.

I awoke feeling drained and with a headache. I have read that they are energy vampires. How can I combat these parasites and protect myself?

I've also awakened and have seen a web over the upper part of mine and my husband's body. I was more curious than anything about it.

One night I awoke and saw nothing but the blackness of the universe and the billions of stars. I blinked several times just thinking I could clear my eyes but it remained. It was fascinating.

I have had so many experiences throughout my life, too many to mention.

Right now I am concerned about the spiders. Its legs were moving rapidly and I saw a dark shadow on the ceiling above it. It concerns me that there may be holes in my aura because of it. It makes sense considering how I feel the morning after. I have made sure today that my kundalini is closed.

I pray the rosary every night. Should I call on guardian angels at bedtime to protect me? Would a healing from a Reiki Master help? I feel like I need an energy cleansing as well. My aura feels dense.

These spiders concern me because 4 years ago I contracted cancer in my Thymus gland and I really believe it was because of all the dead energy around me. At night spirits tormented me with constant chatter and noise. It was difficult to drown out and it zapped me. I know I need to learn how to protect myself and set boundaries before I sleep. I need help with suggestions. Thanks much.

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PathR (4 stories) (1247 posts)
1 month ago (2020-09-16)
Re Astral spiders. Have you Cleared your room energetically?
Are you keeping positive in mind and emotions?

You do not have to answer. But these are things that we do consciously and unconsciously, which can lead to other energies taking advantage of us.

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