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I'm In Desperation


I just want to start this off with saying that this story might not go where the title leads you to believe but it will make sense if you are willing to read through it, so please just bear with me through this one.

Hi, my name is Joey and I have known about my abilities since I was about 8 and I figured out how to use one of them by the time I was 9 and figured out how to use the rest around 13 or 14, I am currently 16 years old and since I have been using my abilities I have grown to know how not only they but the world around me works quite a bit better, but I have also had a plentiful energy source for the longest time... But I sense that I am not the only wielder of abilities in my area but I seem to be the most powerful as none of them have sensed me, or the aura drain... Which I will be getting to. I not only have some unique abilities but I also happen to have one of the most rare, but that's not the point of this story if you are curious you can ask me I don't mind explaining. I have been using my powers for a long (ish) while but seeing as I am one of the most if not the most powerful wielder in my area I seem to have a natural draw for the surrounding aura which I personally see no issues with... Except for the fact that for the past few years I have noticed its severely depleted... And I'm slowly running out of energy myself, I have had to use other forms of energy at times when the aura was almost nothing, but it doesn't seem to be replenishing itself as it should be and I have only noticed a decline in it, and as a more powerful wielder that's more of a problem for me then it is for lower power level users. Other forms of energy are not easy to use and are in no definition efficient to use, so if anyone has any advice for me that would be greatly appreciated, I need to replenish the aura in my area because I will have almost nothing to use in the coming year as I already feel it being close to nothing.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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-o0I0o- (19 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-11)
Hello Joey,

I hope this does not come off as a reprimand or a moral judgement. I would like to present some ideas to be considered from a different point of view. You sound really awesome and have very interesting natural talent.

Please share what this special power is you refer to. You are anonymous here. You are only contributing a mysterious curiosity by alluding to it. Without knowing the "power" there is not enough information to understand your problem in its entirety.

One thing I have noticed is that this website attracts a lot of people near their 20's younger and older but near. With that comes all of the themes the demographic is exposed to and is of interest to them. Particularly is the popularity of comic book superhero blockbuster films. This and Star Wars are the dominant source for the concept of "superpowers" and "forces" to be used to dominate. Whether the opponent is "evil" or not it is still focusing on power. This in part at least is a consequence of external influences. You would see a less dramatized depiction of these abilities if you researched spiritual and philosophical books and did not rely on the Hollywood versions.

You did say "abilities" but saying 'wielder of abilities" is about power and ego. "I seem to be the most powerful I not only have some unique abilities but I also happen to have one of the most rare..." this is comic book material. You have also used the terms "powers" or "powerful" several times. Spiritual awareness, psychic perception, interacting with higher-level energies are not "power" these are "abilities." There is a significant difference between the two and typically in the way we think of them and their utilization. When you used the word "abilities" you used it in the context of power. Referring to them as a power suggests dominance and superiority. Could you be compensating for a perceived weakness in yourself?

I have known many psychics, mediums, channelers, etc. In my lifetime and some for as long as 40 years. Ultimately for a few the ego has been the wall preventing them from advancing their abilities. Some of these are pros making a living with these abilities and they have always had to pad / fluff up / fill in the gaps with trivial things because their guides have limited the information they provide as a means to show them it is not them and is instead The Universe who is the source.

Instead of seeking outside sources of more energy and hiding from other "wielders" seek The Universe and aspire to be an instrument for the true Source. The Universe is the source you need to reconnect with and from inside yourself. Humility, benevolence and gratitude are keys. Good luck on your journey.
jadisas (1 stories) (2 posts)
3 years ago (2020-10-29)
Dude, first of all you GIVE energy; and being so young and losing it means you're going about it the wrong way. Taking energy from anywhere means you are a parasite. Sound worse than it is but it's true. Youngin's always have energy and you don't start losing it until you are an adult. If you feel like you are taking it, Psycologically or metaphysically, that should worry you. You should make your own energy. Others energy is not your own and has no where near the strength of the energy you have inside. Using what you have inside is cleaner and makes you feel so much cleaner and at ease.

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