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My Strange Stories


My strange encounter happened at night in early 2020. I don't remember the exact date but let's just say January. It was nighttime probably between 8pm and 11pm. At the time I was sharing a 2-bedroom apartment with my father, who was not home at the time. Nobody was with me in the apartment, except for my cat who was sleeping somewhere in the apartment, minding his own business. I was in my bedroom, sitting on my computer chair with one of my guitars in hand, playing it through the amplifier not too loud so I would avoid accruing a noise complaint which has happened to me before at a previous apartment, when I was playing music through a speaker a little too loud which was a stupid thing to do anyway. Nevertheless, I was there by myself playing guitar as I usually did in my free time. I had the ceiling fan light on with the fan going. The switch on the wall was up, as it needed to be for it to power the ceiling fan and the light. So, while I was sitting there by myself playing guitar, the light creepily went out on me for no apparent reason. I got up to check the light switch, and it was now in the down or off position. There was no one else there but me at the time, so there is no rational explanation of how the light switch got turned to the off position. I was not afraid, but I was just wondering what turned out the light, how did this possibly happen, and why did it happen to me on that particular evening. I turned the switch back on and just eerily continued playing guitar. I am glad it was nothing bad that happened but there is no explanation as to how that happened unless there really is an unseen spirit world, which I used to not believe in but now I do because I know something had to turn out the light and it was invisible, so there must be another world that exists that we can't see with our physical eyes. I have told this story to some family members, and to some others on online chats that are supposed to answer spiritual or supernatural type of questions but no one has been able to give me a good answer as to what could have happened. If someone reading this understands this kind of phenomenon, please let me know what it could have been that turned out the light, why this happened to me, and what does this mean.

I also have another short story of a dream I once had when I was probably around the age of 18 years old. My dreams are usually not very clear, and usually are strange or hard to understand. When I was younger I had no control in my dreams which is weird because now years later I seem to be able to control some parts of my dreams. I never used to have many flying or floating dreams, but nowadays it seems like I have them all the time. I mainly have floating dreams where I am floating around high up either indoors and my high school, or I am outdoors floating around usually in my old neighborhood or places I used to live. So in short, my experience with dreams has changed a lot as I grow older. Anyways the dream I had when I was 18 was short, but it was very clear, probably the clearest dream I have ever had. It was not long, but very short actually. It was a normal evening. I went to sleep as usual and started to dream. I don't remember how the dream started but I do remember how it ended. In the dream, I ended up seeing the numbers 2080 that came up like a flash. The numbers just seemed to flash in my mind during the dream, and shortly after that I woke up. I did not really tell people about it, just kept it to myself not expecting the numbers to be of any significance. At this time I had a different cell phone number than the number I have now. So years went by and life went on, and when I was around the age of 23, my at the time phone service was acting up. The company has issues with me apparently, or I just had bad luck, but for some reason the company needed to verify my information, so I sent in what they requested. Not once, but about 5 or 6 times and each time I sent in the information, I got a message sent back to me that it did not go through. I called the company a few times and tried to explain what was going on, but no one was able to understand or help me. It seemed like very bad luck or something. I was getting more and more frustrated with this company and I did not understand why I was having such a hard time verifying my information. The last time I talked with this company over the phone, I had had enough. Since no one was able to help me, I just told the person on the phone to cancel my service. They were able to help me cancel right away. It was such a struggle to try to verify my information with them but canceling was so easy. It almost seems like I was not meant to have service with this company, which I initially got because a friend had recommended it to me. So, it must have been one of the following days when I went to another phone service store to sign up for service with them. Everything went fine and I signed up and got phone service with this new company and a new phone number. I did not pay much attention to what my new number was at first. A few days later, it hit me. As I thought about my new number, that old dream I had when I was 18 came to mind. It turned out that my new number's last 4 digits was 2080, the same numbers that appeared to me in the dream. I thought it was strange. Is this clairvoyance? Does it count as clairvoyance even though I saw the numbers in a dream and not while awake? What happened here?

Another thing I want to share is something that started happening to me a few years ago and still happens sometimes now. What happens is I feel a soft light touch of wind touch my head sort of where my hairline is. The best way I can describe this feeling is that it is wind that seems to come from nowhere. Its not strong, but a light soft wind that touches my head. It usually happens when I pray. It sometimes happens when I am not praying. I remember once this happened to me during my grandmother's funeral. It was a few years ago. It happened to me when I was at her opened casket, while I was praying for her. There were no fans in the room, and no vent above my head. I was praying for her, and I felt the touch of wind for about a second or less on my head. I have felt this a few times before and I do not understand what it is.

The last thing I want to share has been happening around me for a few years now. It only happens when I am indoors. What happens is these sounds start coming from the walls. It sounds like small pops or cracks. It happened at one of my jobs and my coworker looked at the wall where the sound came from, so I know it was not just my imagination because he heard it too. It was like something was on the wall. It has happened at the apartment I shared with my dad and it has been happening here in the house I am living in now. There are no squirrels or animals in the places I have mentioned, so it must be a nonphysical entity causing these noises. What is happening?

Now to give you some background information about me. I was raised a Christian and went to church sometimes although not all the time. When I was little my mother was the first person I remember to tell me about God. I started to say my prayers every night from an early age. For a long time, I never questioned my beliefs about God. I always believed in the Bible and never had any doubts about God. As I grew older, I started to think for myself and not just believe what I was told. For a while I started to believe in nothing thinking that God was just a man-made idea. But now I am starting to believe again that God is real.

If anyone reading my story can tell me what any of this means, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading my entry.

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