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Strange Cloud Of Smoke ☁


I have just signed up on this site and need some advice. I'm not a psychic but I would just like some help understanding what's going on with me. Most of the strange things that happen to me are in my dreams and I'm aware this is not a dream site by the way its just that I have such a hard time finding information about this so anyway I have experienced OBE and sleep paralysis in the past and weird stuff happens like the most common to others experiences such as not being alone while witnessing myself sleeping. Anyway this hasn't happened in a long time and my story is not about that but I've lately been seeing a cloud of smoke right next to me right before falling asleep and as soon as I look at it is when it floats up and through my ceiling. Prior to the last couple of weeks I have never seen this before in my life and although it's very strange I don't necessarily feel frightened or "bad vibes" when seeing this but due to the lack of answers from others same storys is why I am posting here. Aside from this recently frequent occurance I have had very vivid dreams lately including one where I had tattoo-like writing on both of my arms but not anything legible or any language I have ever seen before and I would love to know what that means and if my recent run ins with the mysterious smoke has any relation to my extremely realistic and curiously disturbing dreams. I do believe that the writing on my arms is another language but since I am not an avid astral traveler and it is not something I can control most of the time, there is no way I can induce this kind of thing to memorize the markings and see what they mean if anything. I have been told by many people that I have a strong gift and my loved ones have had people confront them and tell them that I am gifted. I would truly appreciate any insight on what they mean and what my gift is if I truly have one or not. In the past I have had weird occurances in my home (my gmas home) including contact with the ghost of a boy named Peter which is my mothers and little sisters childhood "imaginary friend" who I assure you is not imaginary. Also I would like to add that when I was 15 my best friend passed away on march 22nd. Earlier this month (march) I had a dream about him and it was right after my girlfriend of 5 years was admitted for the 4th time to the local hospital and I prayed for him to watch over her and protect her. In this dream I told him how happy I was to see him and I asked him if he heard me praying for his help and hugged and that was about all I can remember but perhaps this can be related as well? I don't know but either way all of this all at once is pretty overwhelming and my odd dreams are continuing and I don't think that they are just dreams and I'm not saying I'm psychic but there's no doubt in my mind that there is a deeper meaning behind all of this. I just wish someone who is knowledgeable on this stuff could help me determine whether or not I'm just crazy haha and I don't want to go to a local psychic reading place and explain everything for a huge cost to be conned. If anyone could give some insight on this I would appreciate it greatly as this is something that really troubles me mainly for the writing on my arms. Something very strongly tells me that this is meaningful. If you've made it this far thank you so much for your patience and I hope to hear what your opinion is.

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christetrapolar (8 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-09)
well there is a small chance that a low vibration spirit has fused with your aura.
It could also be an astral shell or astral pollution caused by your negative thoughts.
Do not panic or anything.
The easy way to get rid of the negative energy is this.
Try to be aware of everything around you at all times.
Alternate cold hot baths and after that meditate with awareness and intention
To get rid of all negative energy.
Imagine a white light
Coming from the heaven and you bathing into the light.
Imagine and intent that the blessed white light is connected to heaven
And will make everything bad go away. Breath deeply while doing this. Ask you god or love and light or your spirit guide to help you loudly.
Ask and command on the name of god for any bad spirit or astral shell
Or astral thoughts pollution to leave your body permanently
Repeat twice every day for at least 20 minute total.
Good luck with your spiritual journey.

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