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Aware Of The Signs


I am a U.S. Veteran and I have had a gift throughout my life and military career. My family comes from a long line of those who possessed the gift of warnings and discernment. Recently, I have a foot print of something bad that is going to affect many people. I am learning more about it in time. I know this sounds very crazy, but know this; this gift is something I have had for a very long time. Something I feel right now is coming our way. I believe it will affect many. In the past, I have dreams about those who I am close to and tell them things that have come true. It scares them and they tell me to ask God to take it away. My pastor told me it is a gift from God and not to listen. My son also has this gift. I have many stories, when I have time, I will write more about. Thank you for having this site available to tell our stories.

I have found that I can not talk to anyone about this, because others would think something was wrong with me. My parents were always open to me about these abilities and always told me it was a gift. Not all my feelings and premonitions have been negative. I have had positive ones too. The negative seem to outweigh the positive more often. The feeling I have presently is that something tragic is about to happen. This feeling has not went away and is not going to go away anytime soon. When I am faced with death or harm is when all this information comes to me. I am a Christian and pray often, in hopes to always stay protected. What is coming, unfortunately will touch many lives, and I feel will even affect me. It is strong dread that I don't want to face or ever see. I believe that we have to watch for signs of things. These signs are important, because it is a warning. I am a mother and I know that mothers always have intuition about things coming our way. I think we need to stay aware and constantly stay vigilant.

I will share one story for now. My son is a soldier now and going to leave me soon for duty. When he was about 12 years old, he had a dream that he had brain surgery and they had to shave his head. After he told me this dream and we prayed that not on hair on his head would be touched. The very next my husband and son left the house and was involved in a bad accident. No one was hurt. Praying and these warnings save my son's life. By the way, the car that pulled out, hit directly into the side of the door that my son was sitting on.

Warnings are a gift from God and we need to use them and share them. I have learned to understand that not everyone will receive this and might be afraid. Pray and I know God will protect. He keeps His promises to those who love Him.

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Mila (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-26)
Hello, How can I get in touch with you?
It's long story to share,
I don't know if you could help me and guide me through what i'm experiencing, because i'm having same situation lately. Having dreams, premonitions, some sort of dejavu. I don't know which one, but definetely my dreams are coming true, and it scares me. Please if you read this, please write me, please write me, hoping to get some answers, here is my e-mail mila_bat [at]

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