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I Wasn't Aware At First Until I Found Out I'm A Psychic


I'm basically a shy person so please bear with me. So I started realizing that I have psychic abilities this 2015

So first I started experiencing deja vu (yeah I know EVERYONE has one) when I was in grade 8 but that only happens often, until I started getting deja vu like EVERYDAY! I told this to my friend and she said I have ESP so I got curious and searched it on Google.

And that's when I found out I have a psychic ability though I'm still not yet sure if its is really an ESP! Please tell me what this is

Because I really do always experience deja vu

Well not only deja vu but there were also other events that made me realize and believed that I am indeed a psychic. Okay so i'm going to continue and tell everything that happened to me...

So there are times when I started to have a gut feeling where I feel something good or bad is happening, and yes whenever I said something like " I have a bad feeling about this " it became true like that time when there was leadership training in my school I had a feeling that i'm not going to be in the same group with my friends and yeah I was right! I wasn't in the same group with them. I definitely have a high


Then the third one is this. I started seeing ghosts when I was three or perhaps five years old? (Yeah I know this is supposed to be about psychic abilities) I always see ghosts in our house besides a white lady. Even during the leadership training I also saw three ghosts which kind of creeps me out. And I have been asking myself why are they always near me and why I can feel their presence? Yeah maybe they want to communicate with me! I do want to communicate with ghosts but I don't know how because it kind of creeps me a little. I have never talk to a ghost before but I do want to help them. I know there are ghosts who needs a helping hand!

Fourth one is this. Everytime I talk with someone its like I can read their minds and I can also see if they're lying even if they don't tell me the reason. There was one time I could tell my classmate was lying but my friends didn't believed me when I told them he was lying.

Then later on they started believing me and they told me he was lying (he confessed to them) though I don't know if you consider this a psychic ability or not.

Oh and sometimes I can hear some whispering voices or odd sounds I think its clairaudience because there was one time I heard a strange sound and I asked my sister if she heard something then she said " No, I didn't heard anything! Maybe its just your imagination " I really

Did heard something odd from that time

And lastly, I don't know if this is clairvoyant or not but i'm actually good at finding lost things. My family needed me to find their lost things!

P.S. Sorry for keeping this long and please tell me any details about this because I only know I have clairaudience and I have high intuition I don't know what kind of other psychic ability I have cause I'm actually new to this and please tell me how you improved your

Ability/ies I want to know what other great psychics do I'm curious.

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masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-02)
Hey, it's River again, I commented on your other story. #email me and I can help ninjalover07 [at]
Anyways, you are tons like me, and you have a very strong potential of psychic abilites. I started out like you and I am at the point were I know what people are about to say and when disasters strike.
I can help "train" You and anyone else who would like some help. Just tell me what you want to work on in an email and I will Help.
-River (masterofelements)

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