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For As Long As I Can Remember


I would hear voices or see things (precognitive; vertical dreamer), it started when I was probably 6 years old. Things that I would see later would become true with accurate details. More things are becoming apparent to me about my abilities and are a lot less of a coincidence since I started a journal on the visions in 2008. I have seen people and places years before I have met them all the way down to the spirits that currently reside in a house I am renting. I have had many spirits come to me and show me things that later were true and also assisted me greatly in times of great trouble and despair. Most of the visions are events in time later unraveling into interesting surprises (or not since I already knew the outcome of some of the events before they happened). I have lived in 6 cities on the past 8 years and there are some pretty ugly spirits out there and a lot of death, loss and despair the last few years.

I have seen places, things, people that later have become activity in my daily life. Simply knowing things does help sometimes. Other times you may make the situation worse knowing the outcome and possibly change something. I think this is more so when you don't trust your own instinct or intuition. If there is self doubt sometimes there are errors or lapses in judgement. A very large portion or percentage of the things that I have seen have come true. As I got older my abilities seemed to increase or the vision did. Depending on the nature of the visions, some are more frequent than others. My spirits have gotten me out of some real messy situations. Most of it defies logic, and you wouldn't believe me if I told you, no one ever believes me; sometimes I don't believe me. Thankfully, I have witnesses. A Loving family who came along on my spiritual journey.

Which brings me to this next part:

Lately the visions have been of a very dark nature. I have seen things that are disturbing relating to me and my spouse. Visions in which I think that one or both of us is in grave danger.

I would like to think they are warnings and we are taking them very serious. I had a vision that we had a very bad fight and I moved out. This did come true every last sorted detail. Including the house 2,000 or more miles away, sofa, colors, texture, furniture, spirits, etc. The dreams have been increasing in intensity, and severity. Including visions or paralysis, drowning, Physical, sexual abuse and death.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-28)
The dream weave aligns with the future/ past and present. Some refer to events as Prophecy.

The key is our will.
When we acknowledge our own fears and that our soul mate can hurt us out of their fear and ours pushing the buttons.

We can then stop.
Asses what is shown.

And do healing on our self.
We do this by tracing the origin of our own hurt/pain. We can cancel this origin. By replaying in our mind the old red tape. This is called lining the origin. By Visualizing the old nightmare: burning and being it is recreated when we see it as ashes into something beautiful by God/Creator. Use positive affirmations declare you are strong and whole by saying positive affirmations and visual what you want. Prayers are good also so are novena depending on your belief.

You may wish to read AnneV book.
Just look into the store on line. I understand from another member this book helped obtain her hearts desire in work.

Good journey the world is yours for the making.

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