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Murder From A Long Time Ago


A couple months ago my family and I go downtown so my husband can buy some movies (yeah I know there's something called the internet now:P), he goes inside and I wait in the car. He is in there for a while picking a few and I am quietly watching the happenings since it is dark and sketchy downtown. Almost immediately I am approached by a young lady through my mind's eye, she looked to be around 25-30 years old, mid length wavy dirty blonde hair that looked really soft. She was giving me images or impressions of her death, she was confused and lying on cement with a cement step or something... I could feel it like she did (just the step and cement not the dying feeling). She was dying because someone killed her, but she was confused, I am not clear if she knew who the person was. I think so but she is confused why they did maybe I think. I received the name Shane or McShane or something like that, it wasn't clear but I assumed her last name was one of those. I also received the name what sounded like Anna. I could tell this was something that happened a long time ago, in my mind I thought definitely no later than 1930 for sure. She didn't indicate much else besides her feelings of being there for so long and that finally someone can talk to her! I believe spirits can have a concept of time when passed on.

This week we are driving by the place and I hear the name Anna again.

So I start doing some research and find that in 1899, 33 year old (roughly) M. Lane was murdered next door to where we were parked that night. She was shot in the back by her mistress (live in help). She stumbled into the street where she died. I have not seen a picture of her so I can't make that comparison. I also still do not know who Anna is. She keeps telling me this name, but it is not her children's names I have found or the woman who killed her. It was so long ago I would have to dig really hard for more info if it even exists for the public now.

Thanks for letting me share one of my many routine experiences with people who have passed on:)

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