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The Lonely Pilot


I would like to share a strong experience with everyone from the summer of 2015. It was a very active year for me in terms of all the connections I made with the other side.

It was a nice summer night, about 10:30pm, my husband and I were sitting outside in the veranda at his parents house in the country. I suddenly noticed there was a man in a uniform standing outside the veranda looking in at me, he was not an actual physical person but rather a spirit I see through my minds eye. I must mention I am a medium and typically only see impressions or things through my mind, not physical manifestations of spirits. So I was the only one to see him.

He was in a dull coloured uniform with one of those pointed hats (which I now know as a wedge cap). He looked to be around 30 years old at most.

He was annoyed and said, "I know you can see me and hear me, why aren't you acknowledging me?" I simply replied through my mind, "I don't know you, I'm not dealing with this or talking to you right now". He gave no response and I told my husband I wanted to go inside. So we did and went to bed.

The next morning we were having coffee with my brother in law in the veranda, when he says to me out of nowhere..."I think you attract dead people". Not surprised by his statement, but rather maybe the timing of it, I say "oh, what makes you say that?". He tells me that every time I am out there he sees ghosts around me, the same ones. I should also mention he is prone to see ghosts, but he sees the physical manifestation, not through his mind like me.

I proceed to tell him and my hubby that this was the reason I went inside last night. I told him I saw a man in a uniform with a pointed hat that was annoyed I wasn't acknowledging him. My brother in laws response was "you see him too?". At this point I am very curious as I know this is legit! I gave more details I had known, like that he hangs out in the veranda area and the garage, to which he confirmed is where he saw him on multiple occasions. I also mentioned how he comes out of the bush straight to the south and pointed to the exact spot. I noticed he really started to get tense and told me that a plane had crashed in the area a long time ago and that his dad had saw it happen.

I then talked to my father in law and told him what I saw and the details I knew. He told me he saw a plane crash when he was 11 years old, and it crashed a 1/2 mile into the bush/field where I had pointed to where he comes out of.

The pilot gave me some other impressions, like His name, sounded something like Danny or Donny. He also showed me an image of him and his girlfriend or new wife kissing outside a house. Also the reason he was hanging around was because he is lonely and desperate to go home but doesn't know how to do so or get there. He followed someone home after the crash, and felt comfortable being around the family. He also likes the things my father in law talks about. He knows it is not his house and is respectful by not entering the house. But he gave the impression he is desperate, he doesn't like to be alone in the bush.

I started to do some research and found the type of pilot uniform he was wearing was a uniform issued to the RCAF for a short period of time that fits with the timeline of the crash. April 1957, is what my FIL told me. He remembers the crash happening around mid April either just after morning coffee or after lunch. So with this I check out the microfilms at the local library, and I find an article dated April 17, 1957 that tells of a pilot who's T-33 crashed in the RM like I was told. There were next to no details about it though, a very short article that stated he crashed just after lunch that day.

I have recently found out my FIL kept a piece of the plane from the crash and still has it, I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact he is there. So I have been steady looking for more info about this pilot and his crash, so I contacted every local airbase and museum I could think of. I was eventually directed to Library and Archives Canada to which they were able to find more info after a couple months of digging! He was from the Netherlands I believe the file said, and his name was Jan. Which would be pronounced 'Yawn', I wonder if they used to refer to him as Janni, it would sound like the name I heard. I wish they had a photo of him to compare to as I can still see his face clearly.

I have no other way to find any further info unless there were someone from the RCAF that would still be alive and remember him.

I still see him and sense him out there and plan to have my FIL take me to the crash site when weather permits. I hope to help set him free by smudging or something, or having a service with the family to honour Jan. That is one of my prominent experiences from that year that is until relevant in my life. Thanks for reading!

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Universeteachings (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-13)
No need to do that, I surggest you contact me at universeteachings [at]
I can help him out by sending him home.
I can even ask my ascended master or guides of mine to pick him real soon.
If you want to know more about me, its in my profile.
Stay determined,
holdyourbreath (6 stories) (38 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-09)
Thank you Lauterb, I will try what you have suggested:). This seems very sensible. I am not very skilled with opening and closing myself so I am always worried if I open for someone in particular I could let in someone I also don't want...
lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-07)
Dear holdyourbreath

If you are willing t help this spirit, this is what you have to do next time you meet him you will use as a base the medical protocol to tell a familiy that the her beloved one died in the hospital and will adapt to his situation as per below.

You will gently will talk with him and you will ask some questions:
- first tell he is among a god people that understand his situation and want to help him
- ask when was the last time he eat, probaby he will not remember or he will tell something like yesterday
- ask when was the last time he sleep, same as above
- how did he come/arrive to that place, probaby he will not remember or tell that someone brought him there
- what is his last memory, probaby he will not remember or that he was flying
- if he believes in God and Jesus, in positive case you will reinforce this is the most important thing in our lives!
- if he believes in life after death of the body, he probably will answer based on his believe, don't worry continue the conversation
- His body was "created" by his father and mother and he knows that one day will end.
- His soul his spirit was created by God and and is imortal, his body is a clothes when become old you will live behind and get a new one to continue your journey
At this point you will tell him to look at himself and you will say that he is not in a good shape that he needs a hospital and if he don't mind to pray together with you and you pray for help for intervention of good spirits to come to you and rescue him.
The rest will happen without your help.
After pray you thank all help you both received and wish to him prompt recover.

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