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My Grandma


I have many experiences to tell of but I will start with an early one of my connection with my grandma who has passed.

15 years ago me and my family were on our way back home driving on the highway. The trip was about a 3 hour trip and the last little while I laid my head back listen to the music and relax. My mind was blank taking in the music quietly playing in the background. I must have had my eyes closed for about 15 minutes when I heard distinctly my grandma's voice. I shot up looking around in a panic because she had passed away 5 years before that. As I looked around I realized we were driving right by the cemetery she is buried in. All in a matter of seconds I surveyed this and my family in the car, none appeared to be phased and I was the only one who could hear her. I responded in my head to her after she said hello to me. She then asked "How are you? How is school going? How is your dad?" The conversation was very brief but everlasting in my life. I will never forget getting to talk to my grandma that day. I still can't believe to this day I recognized her voice with such certainty. I hadn't spoke to her since I was 10.

I wish I knew if she contacted me at that moment driving by the cemetery so I would know for sure it was real and it was her, or if she still resides with her body at the cemetery. I have been there since, but not able to contact her. I find cemeteries 'noisy' sometimes because many are trying to talk. One of my best experiences with other side!

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