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Strange Lights Outside


I've only shared this incident with my mother and father who dismissed me at the time for being too imaginative. To be fair I was 10 or 11 years old so I wasn't the most reliable source but I know what I saw.

I'd been sent to bed as it was 9:00 but I was not tired at all. I played with what toys I could find in the dark until I decided to look outside my window. My backyard has a long plain dark wood fence like all the other houses in the neighborhood so I was just kind of letting my eyes follow until I couldn't see any more fence (the fence doesn't go around each house but extends to the neighborhood boundaries). A small light caught my attention and I froze immediately. I was confused and scared while trying to figure out where it was coming from. It was a very orderly movement so it wasn't a laser light and was too small to be a flashlight. However if you took a laser light and sat 7 or so feet from a wall then shone the light on the wall it would probably look the same (as long as your hand is really still). The light was a blue-ish white and bright but small enough that if you just glanced you might not have noticed it.

This light would blink and then it'd be a foot farther where it shone last. I was so mesmerized I didn't see the second light approaching. They met in the middle of my field of vision and blinked on and off for a moment. It was like they were communicating silently or through the blinks. I don't think it was morse code though. I can only describe what they did next as if I was eavesdropping on them and they both turned to look at me. In reality they stopped blinking, it went dark, and then the lights turned back on but stayed still. It was a chilling feeling like they were just staring at me (despite a complete lack of visible bodies). Naturally I backed away from the window and ran downstairs to tell my parents about what I saw.

I did use the word alien to describe what I saw because I couldn't think of anything better. I have never seen those lights again. I've been spiritually aware for the past 8 months so I hadn't thought about asking the spirits. I did get to ask human and nature spirits if they knew what it was. The human spirits shrugged and said they didn't see it all. The nature spirits were too scared to answer and asked to me not talk about it.

Just curious to see if anyone has seen the same thing or anything like it?

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