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The Thing With The Human Teeth


Recently, my life has been drastically changing.

I will not get as much into that as I will what I really came here to explain. The creature with the human teeth.

So to begin, I have recently came under some serious illness, one that I literally believe to be karma catching up to me. And under this illness, I've been a little more in touch with the "grey area". A term I have come to as an explanation for things that don't necessarily belong neither here nor there, but exist nonetheless. Better known to the media occult followers as, half breeds.

Just to catch everyone up, I have been a medium all my life. From not so imaginary friends to my father locking me in a closet for having no eyes, (my naïve and young self dabbling in some dark magic), I have had more experiences than I can count. I have honed my ability as I grew older, been able to directly communicate and see spirits that are no longer in our physical world. It is a blessing and a curse. I have at times denied due to the things I have seen, for more often than not, my visitors were not friendly by any means. For anyone's discredit, I have worked with two paranormal research societies and practiced under a very well known medium for a length of time. I was a prodigy. I had a knack for drawing spirits in and being able to see and speak to them as I would see and speak to a friend. I had sixth senses way beyond mediums twice my age. I was a natural. And with that comes a price, but another time.

So, back to the teeth. As stated earlier I have come under a serious illness - two golf ball sized cancerous tumors on my left kidney. I will not die, hopefully anyway, as heavy radiation should shrink them enough for removal and if not I can live with a single kidney. People do everyday. But in this weakened state I have been a little more in tuned. But besides that, due to my sickness I have been spending more time with my longtime boyfriend. He is financially supporting his parents at the moment so I decided to take some time off work and spend a week or two with him. I wasn't even with him two days when I had the dream.

Me and boyfriend, including his family, were in his living room. Anthony, my boyfriend, was crawling on the floor playing with the cat as everyone laughed along with his stupidity. But let me tell you, this was no normal dream as it was like it was actually happening, and that if I hadn't woke in a panic afterwards I would swear it was real. So back to my story, Anthony was playing with the cat. He got to the door for the hallway when suddenly he looked at me with his hellish grin. He had a mouth with tight skin pulled ear to ear and no eyes and a flattened nose. And that when I saw him, a disgustingly thin white creature with a smile just the same but with human teeth. He had sunken eyes and a flat nose, he looked as if he was frail dry skin stretched over an oddly disfigured skeleton. And the next thing I had noticed was that his hand was inside my boyfriend's head, as if he were controlling him. I immediately awoken in a panic, but spoke nothing of it.

At that time, I was only the one aware of me beginning to show signs of some illness, unaware at the time that I had cancer.

A week later, I was in my sister in law room at my boyfriend's parents in the am when I decided to grab my cigarettes from Anthony's room. And I had never felt more terrified in my life. I felt so uneasy opening that door and that when I saw him. The creature with the teeth, leaning over my soulmate, with its hand mere inches from my loves face. I could not help but run as quickly as I could from that room.

Now, as I stated before I have been studying as a medium majority of my young adult life. I have dealt with ghosts, poltergeists, and even a demon or two. And nothing has terrified me more than that thing. That whole entire night consisted of him tormenting me, running about the house, flicking light switches, turning on the stove, leaving claw like marks on windows, scratching a few people, and even making himself visible to other family members. I have been to insane asylums and murder houses and never experienced such activity so unprovoked in such a short amount of time. I was truly terrified. Prayers only angered it, to where it clearly stated, "You cannot stop me.".

I called on my spirit guide, hell, I even summoned him and he couldn't even come. Whatever the hell this thing is, it meant business.

I kept my cool and tried to be calm. Anyway, Anthony had work at 5 am. I didn't want to worry him.

The following morning as I was driving Anthony to work he asked me if anything weird had happened the night before. That he just had this odd feeling. That's when I kind of gave him the least worrying rundown of the situation. But I had not explained to him what the creature looked like and that's when he told me.

He was meditating a few weeks earlier as he always has after work out sessions. But this time it was different he said. He felt as if he had drifted. Or in my terms, he may have astral projected for the first time. He said the worst part was is that something came to him that terrified him more than anything else in his life, and there was only one thing he could remember.

It had a grin of human teeth.

I was in shock. I have dealt with oppression and even cases of possession and I knew what was going on. This thing was circling Anthony. It was in deed a worse case scenario.

After dropping Anthony off at work and the on the drive back to his parents, I called on my guide once more to no avail. And that's when I felt it. The dread. The fear. The anxiety.

I felt a slight tickle on my neck when I looked in my rearview mirror, and there it was. He was in my ear and whispered in the most horrid voice,

"Your clock is ticking."

I was the only one aware at the time that I was facing an 81% chance of having cancerous tumors. I had never been more sick to my stomach.

It has been four days since then. I have been diagnosed and informed my family, and on top of that it has gotten extremely worse. I know they lie, but I have NEVER been more afraid of a mere sentence in my life. Now mind you as I said before I have been a practicing medium for close to a decade and have never encountered something that scares me more to my core than this creature.

The worst is that he is now less interested in my boyfriend and now more so into me knowing I am a little more in tune with his kind.

I am doing the best that I can to fix this. I have contacted a priest and have been blessing, burning, praying, you name it. It is only getting worse to where it is physically hurting me and my family. He follows me everywhere. I am honestly in fear for my life.

My big question is has ANYONE seen or experienced or spoken to a creature that resembles my haunting? He doesn't speak much, outside of the occasional nasty remark or horrid laughter. He has dry looking white skin, with a large hunched upper body and tooth picked sized legs. His skin seems to be stretched to the point of tearing over his skeleton. He has a rounded face with very slightly sunken in eyes and honestly, a voldemort like non-exsistant nose with those goddamn teeth. His mouth has no lips but looks to be like a joker style grin pulled from ear to ear and lined with two rows of human teeth. I honestly think that the worst part. You expect sharp fangs or razor like shark teeth but he carries the same as you and I.

Now I am seeking to know if anyone as been haunted by a similar entity or have dealt or heard of such before. I honestly as my wit's end. I can't handle this with what is already consuming my life. Please, someone help shed some light on whatever the hell this is.

Thank you.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
6 years ago (2016-02-23)
A natural mediumistic can run into shamanic work and trance both require large amounts of energy.

If working in a Team and your colleagues do not guard and support you spiritually/energetically. All energy is coming solely from you leaving you vulnerable to discarate souls and roaming entities.

It is common for a worker in this area once kicked so to speak by these energies to get an illness.

It would be advisable to set up aappointment with a group that can check you and your home and family out for attachments/holes/seeds/thought forms which connected to any vulnerable part of the mind and soul.
Causing your body illness.

That group needs to be able to pull out foreign attachments, clear/repair and send you healing.
lauterb (110 posts)
6 years ago (2016-02-23)
Dear CeceiliaErin

May I ask what are you doing with your mediumship?
Are you helping people? Are you helping spirits that seek help?
What sort of spirits are you dealing in your day-to-day spiritual activities?
Are they elevated spirits with high purpose? Or are they low/bad spirits?

Your mediumship is a way to pay your debts, also your cancer problem.

Pse look in these 2 books and see what you have studied sofar is solid rock:


"To clean" your house is easy and not easy at same time, I will explain... This spirit can be: a "poor" spirit looking for help or an ignorant spirit looking for some revenge on you or on your family.
In first case, you have to pray a lot (sincere from the heart) for the good spirits give him the necessary help he needs (easy).
In the second case prior recommendation still valid (easy again) but need additional effort. If he is looking for revenge, he only will be motivated to stop seeking for revenge when he will consider you or someone in your family that is no longer the same person who make some bad thing to him in the past (means previous life or even present life). For this requires you to change, abandon bad habits or behaviors and change for good ones, this means intimate reform! Doing charity, with no interest, help other people and so one will prove to this spirit that you changed for good! Then you will no longer be a target for him. At this moment, you will truly "clean" your house. If someone blame that can "clean" your house forget it you already know what causes this problem and how to fix it, in case you do not change you behavior you know that this will "bring" him repeatedly.

If need some help you can email me for more details: leonn [at]
Good study!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
6 years ago (2016-02-23)
It sounds like a dybbuk.

In your work did you use protection and clearing. When removing entities or clearing buildings would you have someone check your energy field for tears or any attachments?
frangelica1 (4 posts)
6 years ago (2016-02-21)

So sorry that you are going through such a difficult illness right now! That is also a truly horrifying experience you are having. I keep thinking that since your resistance is low while you are fighting off health issues that an evil spirit is now able to affect you more and is taking advantage by attacking you and your family while you are down, so to speak!

I also have been training as a medium the last few years and come here to read the articles here, also, since I originally started on the "yourghoststories" sister site. I don't know whether you believe in Archangels but Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael have never let me down when I call on them for help! They are the Archangels of protection and health respectively.

I would recommend you also post your story on the "Your ghost stories" sister site because there are a lot of wonderful people there that really try to help people rid themselves and homes of evil entities and have had a lot of similar experiences. A person by the name of Rook has a wonderful 3 day cleansing routine that has worked for so many people on that site.

A lot of us on that site are now trying to help a woman and her daughter that is being frightened by dark entities that the medical profession is insisting is just hallucinations from Bipolar episodes. I think you may be able to get help on this site as well as help others on that site!

I am sending peace and love to you to help you through this difficult time in your life!
Magickyg413 (8 stories) (96 posts)
6 years ago (2016-02-20)
Have you ever tried calling your guardian angel? Or casting psychic protection. Fear would make things even worse by the way.

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