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Human Cat Scan-face Symbolism


I am a precog medical intuitive. A waste of a gift in our society, but there it is. LOL Anywho, I can hold my hands over people, close my eyes, and I begin to see colors and faces. It scared the begeezuz outta me when I first started doing this, but now that I understand what it is, no big. I kind of think this is what others have seen long before I came along, and what is referred to as being posessed or having the devil or a demon in you. It ain't that at all.

The faces that appear sometimes have teeth, one of them even looks like a werewolf (ish) kind of thing. Depending on the face and the teeth I see, I can tell if I am going over an old injury or something is wrong with that area of the body. I can also see faces that indicate emotional issues. Along with these I see a body at times when I think of another and what looks like electrical connections or something, usually starting at the head area and it lights up going through the body. Weird, but it happens.

I also see a specific face, and I call it the sign of a healer. I can see it my palms and the only other person I've seen this face in is a doctor, who doesn't really believe in psychic stuff enough to discover more, but knows and has seen enough to understand, something ain't quite right in China town. LOL If he only's twue! It's twue! LOL

Anyway, questions about these faces: If anyone else can "CT scan" others, do you kind of tag the faces and associate them with specific things. Curious if mine are different than others or not. I looked for symbolism of healers, but had no luck finding this. Would love to swap a picture I drew of the healer face I see, with someone else who sees as I do. Just to know if those of us who see these things all see them in the same language or something. I sort of think of these faces and teeth as a new language I'm learning. And no... They are not devils or demons, just signs that something is amiss within and must be dealt with. No exorcism necessary, thank you. LOL

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-05)
Since last month I practice cleansing my own shadow so to speak. I see faces and small energetic connections and lines. Some of this has to do with my past lives. Ancestor faces inherited patterns-affect me.
Sometimes I can see an animal this can be signs of cleansing or a shadow requiring healing. It depends how it unfolds.

Some of what you are speaking about is resetting the circuits and rewiring. That all sounds like healing.
What these exercises have done is open my 3rd eye to see energy and face masks of 2 other people During the day.

As to what you describe at the head there is a belief that the center hot spot of sorts is in he head. The lower back can be inherited stuff. This is a belief of some indigenous people.

You might want to make notes of your dreams. As it sounds you may or will move into that area during the dream state.
Nightingale (145 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-30)
Hello Femonique,
Thank you for sharing what your ability is like with us. I am not personally a healer, but a good friend of mine is hoping to become one.
He does not see faces, but rather sees/feels different kinds or colors of light depending upon what part of whom he is sensing, and what might be wrong with it. He can feel the structures underneath skin as though they are free of it.
Have you ever been able to take someone else's pain away, or heal someone? If you don't mind sharing I would love to know.
I love the comparison you make of these faces to a language. It seems that we each have an individual form of communication or language with our abilities. That can be in the form of visions, sound, dreams, gut feelings, sudden knowledge, colors, auras, speaking with spirits, or any other form.
One quick note-you have said that this seems useless in American society, but I beg to differ. You can certainly make a difference, starting on a small scale perhaps, with people close to you. Even what you have just shared with us will make an impact. Each time we talk about what we experience, to many or one, others can learn from us. Slowly, others will begin to realize that what we can do is real and has value. We just have to have patience and learn from one another when we can. At least one person takes something away from a story on this website, and oftentimes what that is will help a new psychic to embrace his or her abilities. In this way, we will explore and expand our collective knowledge and future contributions.
Thank you for teaching us,

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