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Too Much Of A Coincidence?


I firmly like to think of myself as a nonbeliever, but lately I've had some encounters and experience that have me thinking otherwise. I am 21 year old and live in Miami, recently throughout the day I have noticed myself staring at people and having the capability of dropping what is on their hands. Last night was when I truly questioned as if this was caused by me. I was walking back to the car in a crowded street and so happened to have stepped on somebody's sandal from the back, the person instantly looked back and gave me a face as if she wanted to kill me. Then all of a sudden I look at the guy who was next to her and his phone falls out from his hands causing him to stop in front of me and bend down to grab it. At that moment I stopped so I wouldn't bump into him and questioned myself. There has been other cases where I have dropped things out of peoples hand, sometimes I don't even have to look at them or have them notice me to cause this. Besides that I also have this other concern, I don't know if I am crazy or just have a really good sense of attraction.

My current boyfriend has noticed that every time I go out I seem to find money on the floor, he recently asked me why this happened and I told him "I don't know I just think about it and it kind of just pops up you know". I'm not sure if it's some mental attraction or I just play my odds but I believe I can think of something and it turns out to be the way that I want it.

One of the weirdest experience I had was when I was 12, I was eating with my family out at a restaurant and after finishing I decided to go use the restroom. As I walked there I thought to myself "walk to the private stall there's a phone there". I open the stall to find a phone left by someone. I am not sure as to how this works but from the times I can remember it happened again when I was 17, I made an excuse to get out of work early, you know being a teenager you wanted to be anywhere but work. The excuse was that my mother got a flat tire, after leaving work I decided to go out with some friends just to end up getting a call from my mom saying she hit a curb and hat a flat tire. And then again about a year ago, I was at this concert at the fillmore in Miami beach with 2 friends and before getting into the show I told them "were meeting the person we came to see, I don't know how but it's the goal of the night". During the 2nd opener some random kids came up to us, at first I didn't believe them but they said they wanted my friend to come backstage. She instantly said yeah but she also wanted to bring us along, so she asked them. They hesitated but ended up giving us all vip backstage passes. I don't know how but it happened, the guys who gave us the passes were actually the first openers. I still don't understand how out of all the people in the crowd they came up my 2 friends and I to ask us that.

Lastly as I said I'm a nonbeliever but I carry a mandala chest piece on my shoulder blade and throughout my back and chest. I was recently told that this what I'm experienced may be caused due to me carrying the flower of life on my skin but I am not sure, I have experienced stuff like this from a young age. My first experiences were mostly electrical shocks throughout my body especially when I walked into a new room. They were like tingles that rushed through my body almost like a sense of déjà vu. I barely get these anymore, I probably felt one of those shocks t like 4 months ago. I hope someone is able to explain as I am not really into psychic experiences.

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