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Tammy Tracy. Murder And Searles Park Haunted


I went to the area where a unsolved murder happened in 1988. Searles Park Rockford Illinois. I went with my psychic child. And another friend who can see the spirit world. I can also see some of it. My child who is 13 saw the activity right away. Both of them saw a spirit of the murder victim Tammy Tracy saying go away. Do not enter here. Then I could not see anything but could sense in the dark woods there was something. I took my camera and took shots in the woods. The camera showed glowing eyes. Two sets of them. Then I walked into the woods and then a snow storm started. My child told me that the spirit wanted her to come into the dark woods. Well I looked up the case Tammy Tracy was found skeletal remains a year later at Sugar Creek forest preserve. This is about 22 miles north. She was abducted at the site we went to. This murder happened in 1988. However the paranormal activity was high and I do not want to go back to this area. It is Searles Park. This is off Springfield road. If you dare to venture there take a cross. The woods is where the activity is high. You have to go at night. The spirit wanted us to go into the woods and this was were she was found. But we would have to walk 22 miles north, by the Wisconsin Illinois border. The spirit showed us Tammy Tracy was abducted at Searles Park and taken into the woods. The Tammy Tracy unsolved murder story can be found on the internet. She was ice picked and shot to death. She was abducted at Searles Park waxing her car. She was 19. The paranormal activity was some of the highest activity I have ever seen.

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Hrodwyn (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-25)
I see spirits, ghosts, Shadow people and now demonic entities. When I was 12 my family and I went on holiday to Singapore after the holiday I got my photos printed and in amongst the holiday photos there was a picture of a demonic head (horns and all) with red eyes hanging in mid air. Although I do not remember seeing it when I took the photo. (I might have blocked it though as I am a complete scaredy cat and jump at the slightest sound.) another picture was of the view from my hotel balcony there was only me on that balcony but in the picture there was a figure of a man wearing a blue T-shirt and black trousers (kind of blurry) looking out over the city. I see shadow people all the time. I cannot have mirrors in my house as I always see things that are not in the house. And once I spoke to a Ghost. I was 13 years old at that time. A lady approached me asking me to wish a friend of mine a happy birthday. I did as I was asked. My friend asked what the lady looked like so I described her. My friend ran off crying and wouldn't speak to me for a few weeks. My friend then finally came and apologized and told me that the lady I spoke to was her Grandma who had been dead for four years then.
BetterthanB4 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-15)
Ok Carrie. I never believed in psychics really. Until I fell in love with a psychopath. I believe I may be an empath. I believe you have been sending me or leading me towards information some how. Do you ever see a petite brunette very sad crys all the time hides in the bathroom or tub. More importantly do you know Kristina hickey from park forest IL. 1986ish. My name is Tara I live in Vegas and we need to talk email me at free2be702 [at] The police have been little help don't really blame them how would I know about a murder that occurred when I was two years old in a place I've never been. I too scared to post more just get in touch with me day or night.

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