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I Can See Evil


I can see evil in people eyes. Many times I have encountered evil and gotten away. I can see evil in people's eyes. Two boys followed me when I was 9. I knew they had an evil in their eyes. I could see it. I walked looking for my little brother in a field across the street from my house. I carried a knife with me. I had a warning dream about those boys. I went looking for my little brother Sean who ran off often. My mother sent me out to look for him. I knew something was going to happen to me. I saw my mother standing by the door. She had her hair in a Retro 60s Hairstyles she looked like a young, Pricilla Presley. "Carri go and find your brother." When mom gave a command I had to obey, even if my psychic sense told me no. "Mom I don't want to go into that field." Mom, raised up her thin pointer finger and pointed in the direction my brother ran off in. "Carri, now go and find your brother now." Mom looked angry at me. Mom's face had mean looking green eyes glaring at me. I Obeyed my mother and ran off across the street to the field. The wind blew a cool breeze it was a early fall day.

"Sean, Sean, where are you?" I called out several times. Finally real far away I caught a glimpse of my brother Sean. Sean was running up and down trees and weeds. I could see grass. Then my brother ran off I chased him. "Sean, go home." All of the sudden two boys were behind me. The boy Mike pushed me to the ground and the boy Mark tried to pull my pants down. I got up fast and pulled out a knife out of my pocket. The butter knife was in my hand. The metal glisten in the sunshine. Mike tall with brown hair and brown eyes yelled. "She's got a knife."Mike turned and yelled to Mark. "Get out of here." "She is going to cut us. " Mike ran off into the grass and bushes His blue jacket that was too large for him to wear, was waving in the wind. And Mike ran behind him terrified of the knife. I had seen evil in their eyes days before when I saw them in the neighborhood. I knew they were capable of anything.

Another time I saw a man in an elevator. I was at a doctors office. I saw the man looking at me. He was mexican, his eyes were dark brown. In his eyes I saw evil. I read murder in his eyes. He was a killer. I knew he was a gang member. Just from doing a reading on him in the elevator. I did not say a word to him just read his thoughts and could see he was a gang member.

Another friend of my sons his friend's name was Mark. Mark was clean cut, Black hair and brown eyes, had also a goatee. Mark was also was cunning and evil. Mark Mark I could read his thoughts. I read my dad has killed someone. I saw the devil patting this man on the back. This man was a pot, drug dealer friend of my son. My son has since moved away. So has this friend.

Another time when, I was going to the grocery store. I woman walked up to me about 20 very pretty brown hair, blue brown eyes. She came about 5 feet from me. Walking up to me in the dark at the store out in the parking lot. I saw this pretty brunette. She had nose piercing. As soon as she walked up to me to ask a question I detected pure demonic evil. I looked into her eyes and told her to get away from me. "Get away from me." "I yelled get away." She looked at my military coat and turned and walked away. I then saw some people sitting in a car about 25 feet away from me. I glanced and saw blacked out windows. The license plate light was not on. The car was black. The girl walked up to the car and talked to the people in the car. The brunette started to talk to people coming out of Walmart stores. I could not hear what she was saying. I drove away not saying anything to anybody. A few days later I saw the brunette on the news. The brunette picture with two other people were shown on the news caught for robbery of a middle aged woman and elderly woman. The robbers had come from Chicago to rob people in our town.

I have walked through stores or different parts of town and have detected evil people and avoid them by quick glancing at them. I can usually look into someone's eyes and know what they want. I can also detect deception and pure evil.

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carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-02)
KikiGirl. Basically look into people eyes and read them fast. The gut instinct. It always right. I alway been like this gifted. Can read people fast. Yes I help ohthers. I read police cases and help online. On Unoffical Psychic dective on facebook. You can all contact me there.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-17)
Hi carri! Your story made a lot of sense to me, you know? It feels pretty weird but there is a big element of relief when you can quickly read a situation, especially if you have a good gut-sense and can break away from just our worldly partiality.
I wanted to ask you;
1. You provided one account when you were a child, did you have more then one experience when you were a child? Or, did your gift resurface later?
2. Do you want this gift removed? Or, how would you like to deal with it?
3. Would you consider helping others using your gift?

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