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Dark Entity Experience!


I've been having issues sleeping lately. Feeling not alone in my own home as if being watched. Today at 12:15pm, I was trying to fall asleep. Due to the abruptness of waking up after an hr or so of sleep. I know I can rule out Sleep Paralysis, cause I was just at the beginning stage when this happened. I felt something on my bed, then something seemed to be putting pressure on my right side, I couldn't move that side of my body and something was trying to suffocate me. I felt like hands around my neck. I opened my eyes, it was a bit blurry but I saw a figure on top of me, shape of a person with curly hair, seeing a brownish tone to the skin, but to the right of my bed, I saw a black mist. As the figure started to come in clearer I managed to move my left side and managed to get the words out "F*ck Off* (bad military mouth) That's when it let go and disappeared and as I looked to the right I saw the black mist go up my wall to the right far corner of my bedroom. I looked at the time and it was 12:30pm. I always have a thing with time. I am an ex-cop and ex-military. I do believe in the paranormal, I had experiences as a child and well I still have that so called "gift". Not something anyone really wants. I always was taught to go by my gut instinct. I am worried and its only been lately. Actually the past two weeks, cause I have an ex I broke up with back on July 7th, due to the fact he was getting involved in Satanism and decided to follow this chick from Australia who also practices that with the Luciferian-WitchCraft. Many will tell you that's just Satanism with witchcraft added to it, they use to black magic and the use of demons. Its a bit of a contradictory for there to be Luciferian-Witchcraft that began in the 1960's due to the fact that Satanists hate Witches... Well known history...Why? Cause a true Practicing Witch can get rid of Demons just like an Demonologist and Exorcist. We tend to clean up the mess the Churches can't. I do practice Witchcraft and always have been, hereditary from my mothers side that's Romanian. I did do a smudging and prayer of my home, within and hr of it happening. I don't get into the Dark-side of the Craft but I have to be familiar with it, but every witch who isn't into the dark magic has done it at-least once. But as we must remember there is always a price to pay when you do something of ill nature even if it seems innocent in nature, if you don't do it properly, bad things can happen. You still have to be cautious. I also don't deal in spirit boards, cause of the dangers involved in doing so, you never know what comes through. All religions are an energy based belief, you get enough people believing in something, you become a force to reckon with, no matter what the source or beliefs may lie. NO one of the Craft is perfect, no Christian or Jews are either. I've got a sick feeling that the ex did something to me with the help of his new girlfriend. He has a hate for me since I put him in his place, but both of them are not that familiar with what they are doing either. NOT all Witches are bad, as some religious people would beg to defer, state or believe. The Church does contact serious Witches and Covens when they can't clear dark entities from homes etc. They are the last resort. I have never experienced any incident before going into a deep sleep. This time, I think they may have done something. Question is, do you really have to be in a deep sleep to experience sleep paralysis? Heard so many different stories, not sure what to think. I do know people have experiences SP once in their life time.

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