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The Shadows In The Dark Help Me


I am a 16 year old boy and have always been a target to bullies. One day about 3 years ago I was being bullied and finally stood up for myself and fought back. I found myself moving what felt like normal speed but everyone around me was moving in some sort of slow motion. As the bully would swing a punch I would see it coming and be able to react quickly to it. I was only hit 2 times but every time I was hit the lights in the gym would grow stronger. Ever since then I have had strange things happen to me all the time.

I was in the car on my way home from a late night practice when a deer ran in front of me, just as I was about to hit the deer it was as if it had been pushed because it just fell over. As I passed it, it got back up and just ran off. A lot of people are going to say that it must have just tripped but it was standing still.

After about 2 days of that I was lying in bed dreaming and all of the sudden I woke up with a jolt and was unable to move. It had felt as though someone was sitting on my chest. I looked around terrified and saw what looked like many people standing around me but it was very hard to see. I shut my eyes and when I opened them back up to see that my room was empty and that I was able to move again.

About 3 months after I was doing a research project on psychokinesis and wanted to try some things to see if I was able to do it. I found out that was able to use telekinesis. It wasn't anything move than just a little shift but it was more than I was expecting. Shortly after I decided to try and see if I could hone in on the power and train with it.

A couple of days after I first found out I had a power I was visited yet again by the figures. But this time instead of waking up I was put into a dream. I was locked in with some of my biggest fears surrounding me. (I will not mention them in case someone might be reading this who would like to hurt me.) I was trying everything possible to get out but nothing I did worked. Soon all of my fears engulfed me and I woke up sweating, panting and unable to move. I looked around again and saw these shadow figures there yet again.

As I went on through the rest of the school year I had no more troubles with the "shadow people" as I call them. I stopped working on my "ability" as it was the only way to prevent them from coming again. But the strange thing was that when I was on the last period of the school year I was in study hall and someone put a note in my bag that had a PSI Greek symbol and a note saying meet me in the gym in 5 minuets. I meet up with another one of my class mates who everyone thought was a freak and he was always paranoid. He came straight up to me and said "I know you have seen them. I can tell. You have started acting strange but the question is how many times?" I was startled at how he knew so much so I just blurted out a nember.

Fast forward to about the end of summer me and my classmate started hanging out and he started to teach me things he thought I might need to know. He said they were just for my safety. I just went along learing as much as I could but I never actually tried to use my powers in this time period.

At the start of school I was in my class and I saw that my friend was not around and when I went to his house it was empty. I went to the principal to see what he knew but he would never give me a straight answer. I started to get very angry and slamed my fist into his desk. Right as I did that the whole town had a power outage and we were released from school for the day. (I live in a very small town with about 1,000 people)

I went home very upset and as I slammed my bedroom door closed the lights came back on but the one in the corner of my room was still flickering. I looked at the spot as if I was frozen, But when I tried to move I found that I was I saw nothing in the corner of the room at first but as I looked longer I saw a face emerge and it was just smiling it couldn't make out anything else as it was too dark to see it.

I started to freak out but when the lights came back on it was gone. I still have no idea where my friend has gone and a still refuse to use my powers because the shadows will always come if I do. I need help. I have tried to put myself as far away from my powers as possible but I always end up coming back to them. They never really stop being there either, I can always feel some sort of connection to objects and a strong connection to fire and water. I have done a lot of reading and still seem to be very confused.

To try and finish up my points, the shadow people don't visit me as much anymore but when they do everything seems to get darker and scarier each time. My friend has still not been found. I try to avoid the abilities that I have. I have done reading and from the looks of it I have telekinesis, electrokinesis, and also need help as to find out two other things that I will mention below.

Over the summer I was cooking one time and when angry because of my little brother I stormed out of his room and in to the kitchen. I realized it was time to get my food out of the oven so when I yanked open the oven door and sent my hand in to get the pan I felt no pain. I actually felt nothing "bad" it was more of a tingle and felt good actually. Put down the pan and realized what I had done. I did not tell anyone and to my surprise the shadow people did not return. (A strange thing that happened though is that my left hand burnt when I put it on the pan.)

When my left hand got burnt I put it in water and the water started to move but not just move because I put my hand in it, but it started to swirl and glow. I do not know why and really need all the help I can get to figure these things out.

Also after doing some research I found out that almost all of the ancient civilizations believed in a big dark force and some people believe that that is what ended great empires that could still be around today. I am not certain but I think that this evil is upon us and that it might be targeting people with powers rather than average people.

Anything people find out will help.

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alongtimecoming (guest)
5 years ago (2019-03-19)
These shadow people come back to you because you are a channel and "your gifts" are caused by you allowing these shadow people to use you. That's why they come back every time you use "your gifts" because it isn't really you doing it, it's what is already around you manipulating you.

You are a male or a female, and by default a creation of God who was given the ability to choose. You are also a channel.
That's how a man and a woman are able to make a baby, they open themselves up to the energy of that which is beyond this plane through connecting to the other and God utilizes that moment to conceive another creation (aka a child). Yet in the case of these shadow people ("ghosts", spirits, demons, angels, entities) when they see you open up or "get ready to use your gifts" they take that moment to give you what you might want temporarily but take advantage of that "opening". Possessions, attachments, and even spectral apparitions are results of this.

You already do right in praying, yet you are playing with what is plainly put for all to see in the Bible.

God sent His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth to die for you, so that you no longer allow these things to take over or influence your life. Give your life to God and ask to follow His only son Jesus Christ. Spiritual warfare is real.
Joey4213 (1 stories) (19 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-22)
If you are still reading comments from this post if you want to talk in private then you can contact me at Joey42131 [at]

For some reason I know a lot about powers
Rose_Blackwood (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-07)
Can you give more information on the events with the shadows? 😆

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