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My Path To Lucid Dreaming


Around 1983 (I'm 6yrs old) my parents were sitting down to watch "The Howling" a rated R werewolf movie made in 1981 by Embassy Pictures. For some reason the beginning pulled me in and my Mother was telling me that I couldn't watch the movie because it was too scary, but I begged and begged. Mom gave up and let me watch it. I loved it, it made me scared, it made my heart pump harder and at times it would give me a classic jump scare. After the film was finished and the credits were rolling, my mom went to her room and was calling my name. The path to my mother bedroom was pitch black as all the lights were out. I was nervous because this was very unusual behavior, I didn't understand why mom was calling for me to come to her with all the light out (I'm sure some of my fear came from the movie). She kept calling me and my dad said "go see what momma wants". I finally made my way down the black hallway and my mother jumped out at me wearing a cheap latex werewolf mask, I ran like hell, out of the hallway. All I could hear was the sound of my mother laughing her butt off (lucky I didn't pee my pants) as she came out of the hall showing me that it was just a mask and telling me "I told you it was a scary movie". A lesson was learned that night, movie monsters aren't real. Then in 1984 New Line Cinema released the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street were a bad guy can go into your dreams and change them. I thought to myself if he could change dreams why can't I? Sometime later I stopped having nightmares and I became the nightmare, meaning that in my dreams I am the scariest and most dangerous thing inside my head! I started being able to control my dreams. My dreams started to become fun adventures that I had at night. I later was told that this was a rare gift by a Psychiatrist. I later on found out this is called Lucid dreaming. It is the ability to know you're dreaming while you're in a dream and to be able to change and interact with your environment at will. I just thought I took control of my dreams (didn't really think much about it). I thought everyone could do this. I remember as a kid having a dream that I was being chased by a group of something, I changed into a werewolf and destroyed them all and it was fun, the dream had a happy ending (I survived). I had many more dreams very similar to this one, but I was a different beast or monster defeating the scary things that thought they could attack me and get away with it. Do we have any others around here with this ability? What triggered it or were you training to obtain this gift?

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sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
It is very rare you going to find a psychiatrist not telling you that you need to be admitted, but agreeing with you as well. I was born with dreams such as premonition dreams, and visionary dreams. I often go into trances and experience synchronicity to much. The dreams be like plane crashes, kidnappings, news reports, and etc that just pops into my head. I can be sitting here and fall into a daze which is just a start up for a vision about to occur, so I have to write it down. I use to think this was called lucid dreaming. However, since my spiritual awakening and being in tune with my abilities, I discovered that lucid dreaming was in fact nightmares happening when the person is awake. According to research, the trigger that causes this is the person. If you watch a scary movie like Halloween, your mind is going to be triggered. Nightmares are less frightening when conscious than unconscious

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