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Precognition, Lucid Dreams, And Other Abilites


For as long as I can remember I've gotten a feeling of dread days before something bad happens. The first time I can remember feeling it, was just before 9/11. The night before the attacks, I felt such an intense amount of dread I had trouble falling asleep; and immediately after, I felt as though I was trapped in a huge wave of sadness that lasted for days. The same could be said (at least to a lesser extent) for natural disasters, and even family events. Just a few years ago, I got that dreadful feeling again, and a few days later found out that my Great Uncle had been murdered in his home in Florida.

I've also had a number of other experiences. Such as where I dreamed that I was in fact awake and standing out in my driveway watching as my father and sister left for a trip to the grocery store. Only to wake up and realize that they really had left. I've felt as though I'm being watched. Have better then average hearing (though that might simply be because of my lesser then average sight). I've even been able to tell to a certain degree what other people are feeling, and if someone has foul intent or not.

There are also times, where I get this sense that I'm more powerful than I currently realize; as though I could reach for something across the room and call it to me. When this happens and I actually do reach for something, I get this strange pulling sensation in my hand.

I've thought about pursuing meditation, to help deal with my occasional anxiety attacks. Should I also look into meditation as a way to expand upon whatever abilities I may have? Is there anything I should be concerned about?

I guess I should also note that I have a form of high function Autism. Which basically means that while I may have an average or above average level of intelligence I struggle with general communication as well as interacting with others.

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Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-11)
Hello Cole_Harris,

Yes, you kind of answered your own question. Meditation is a very good tool to better understand and develop your psychic abilities. When your mind is quiet and your heart is at peace, then you are most receptive to receive. Not only is this the state you want to be in to communicate with non-physical realms, it is also the state you want to reach as it also has health benefits to attain this level of peace on a regular basis. So there are a multitude of benefits that comes with dedicated meditation.

Then you asked if there is anything to be concerned about with your gift of foreseeing. Well, I would like to give you my standard answer to that which is that you should be aware of the different unseen forces in the universe and that not all forces are good. This ultimately means that you may receive psychic messages from sources that are not of a good nature, unless you apply spiritual protection before you go into meditation.

I hope this helps a little.


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