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Purple Flying Energy


I was practicing looking at my aura by positioning my hand in front of my white wall. I began to see the glowing outline of my aura as usual. If I stare at it long enough, I can usually see the aura expand more onto the wall and breathe. It moves in and out, it pulses. Sometimes it forms clouds in the air. I realize that this is all part of my aura, maybe levels that I don't quite understand yet. Except this time, something strange happened. I began to notice it in between my index and middle fingers. Particles were forming that were vibrating very quickly. At first I thought I was just seeing the energy in the air around me that sometimes looks like grainy particles. But they were moving too fast, unlike what the energy in the air usually looks like to me. These particles almost looked like they were spinning. As I waited, these particles began to take shape into purple little creatures with wings. They would disappear and reappear, flying in an upwards motion. They stayed in between the small space of my fingers. They were purple and looked like butterflies. It was a very beautiful sight, but I am still confused about it. I know they couldn't be part of my aura, because an aura is just made up of indefinite shapes usually. I know there are many creatures in the other dimensions that I don't know about, so if anyone could offer insight that would be great. I think they may be fairies, but I'm not sure. I work a lot with my fairy oracle cards, and I have been for years, so they are close to my heart. Does anyone know what these purple little things of energy with wings could be? They were very tiny, maybe a centimeter in length.

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77firedragon (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-22)
Just want to say this to is my first time acknowledging this ability and first I've read that others experience enhanced aural flow and basically I see a lot of things very interesting far beyond aura things that I will write about and share photos of transdementional words surrounding particular plant life and images of beings and what appear to be people from centuries past and some not of this world unique to the species. I'm a mycologists and can identifi 5 spiecies by take ng a photo of mycycial growth and I guess being able to see into a demention and the energetic field it lives in bc I'm at a point to believe they live between several different dimensions possibly pulling the past along with it. I'm not crazy I promise
77firedragon (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-22)
I have experienced similar almost identical as well as looking up at the sky and watching the millions of those white streaks zooming down I put two hands up and positioned my fingers about four to six inches apart to see that brilliant blue color shooting out of my middle and ring finger however I focused more deeply into the sky almost as if looking into the stars on a sunny day and this moment changed my visions and enhanced my ability to see and project energy forever. Suddenly appeared a brilliant blue sinning vortex surrounded by green, red, yellow... Almost well basically appeared as a center rapidly spinning center and the other colors were spinning on inverted orbits (basically what an atom with all the subatomic particles is shown in drawings I've seen. I've only been able to observe this maybe 6 times bc it takes a while to completely detach as if you no longer feel your phisical being and even the urge to blink ceases. Anyway after this I've seen the same thing on the ground in a sunbeam and when I concentrate hard enough seeing the blue fire like ball apear in my hand now I can pulse it so intensely the wooden fence ten to 15 feet away will light up bright blue or green briefly. Is this normal.
Kratos-Atlas (12 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-09)
It could be a lot of things:
-Your energy or the current ambient energy that was seen/assumed a form that you're used to see/think/interact with.
-Energetic beigns (non-fairy) that can assume this form or are seen by your eyes as this form.
-Spirits (human or non-human)
-A manifestation of nature's energy.
-Different kind of orbs...

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