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Being And Empath And Controling Energy


I started to feel like this half year ago. I'm here becouse I need Someone with more experience who can guide me some advice.

The thing is that I can feel others feeling, I don't know if it's normal to be around of people and start yo hace these thoughts that\'s arent mine and Also too suddenly feel pain un some parts of my body becouse i'm with certain people.

I Also discovered that throught visualization I can Bond with animales and Also with people and manipulate my energy. The question now is how can I use this? There is something else I can do knowing I can feel and manipulate energy like this?

I Also have lucid dreaming. Lately I been thinking by the day a Lot about desires and I discovered that thinking by the day a Lot of desires makes me unable to wake up on my dreams. I Also discovered that when I woke up no my dreams I can, threw meditación on my dreams, pass to sleep parálisis and then to astral proyection by being calm on my sleeping parálisis and starting to roll. Is this normal? Am I crazy or something? I have no one to talk about this. I feel Alone on this.

Any empath over there that can help me yo control how can I feel more or less when I want to to (if it's possible)

I Also need some advices for shuting the mind by the day. I know that\'s the key of conciousness but sometime s it's hard.

Anyone ever meditate touching a bit threw? Am I the only one that feels allí that energy passing threw my body while meditation? Any suggestion or advice would be Nice! I want to learn more:)

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SapphireGem (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-22)
I need help with controlling others feelings within me also... I'm 39 and getting better but sometimes it can consume me... I have always had lucid dreams bad dreams and I always meditation and focused on light beams and can see energy dots wiggling around me... I saw only one ghost spirit so far which was my great grandmother but it s aired me and I never saw any again... Recently my son almost passed due to his CP and it was very traumatic for me and I was crying and I heard a whisper in my right ear that said Hey it sounded like a person but at the same time like a shhh or the ocean toting the shore... I have noticed things around me for years like doors shaking after I walk in a room continuously moving... So I was just like this is not the time just go away just leave me alone... And my kids n husband just looked at me like I was talking to them... I haven't heard it since... I know I have spirits around me they have protected me for years... I just need to control the emotions it's very hard
Mel2779 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-05)
Just the other day I was at work and the lights right above me flickered a couple times then stopped. But while it was happening I got a huge surge of hot feeling going through my body, and as quickly as it came it went away.
angelchick1016 (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-04)
Hello bluelight, first of all you are not crazy whatsoever, what you are experiencing is actually pretty normal. When it comes to being an empath there is a lot to take in mind. Feeling other people's emotions is actually more normal than you think. A lot of people actually have this ability but they don't realize it. Around people there is always energy, whether it's positive or negative energy. You may notice that when you're around certain people you might feel a wave of sadness, anger, excitement, or with viewing other people you can tell and feels certain individual has feelings for another. Reading emotions is the same as reading a person's energy intent. This is do to the simple fact that our emotions affect our energy, that is why when someone is mad or hurt you can tell almost the instant you walk into that room. This can be very overwhelming do to the fact that without proper protection you are also exposed to that energy, causing your mood or emotions to change. There are ways to protect yourself from that overwhelming feeling without shutting off the reading. When it comes to lucid dreaming there are ways where you can train yourself to control them and know when to wake up or realize you are in a lucid dream. I realize you do a lot of meditation which is a good start. On the other hand sleep paralysis, this can be caused by various things, some that aren't necessarily good there are some things you could do to help with that. Astral Projection, can actually be a very dangerous thing without the proper training and protection, so stopping OBE (out of body experience) that isn't intended is important, for your safety. If you have questions or need help feel free to email me!

~Yours truly angelchick1016

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