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Where to begin, we'll for starters I am a Scorpio born October 25 and all my life I have been extremely sensitive, and emotional I get hurt easily. I realized when I got older I am an empath. And each emotion is like a instant shockwave electrifying me suddenly blinded punch to the stomach no matter how hard you try to be ready for it it always takes your breath away. Each and every emotion I feel extremely. I used to shut down for a few days in my room I call it my box my safe zone so I could process my emotions understand them, just be able to talk about my feelings without getting upset. When I was 10 I started having panic attacks it got so bad my doctor let my mom sit at school with me my whole entire 5th grade year, my dad wouldn't let doctors put me on anything, overtime I was able to go to school alone, always worried and was nervous I hated it, it angered me, I got to the point where I stood up to my fear I never let anyone run over me or bully me I was tough and no one messed with me now I wasn't no bully I took up for people I had a hard time learning and teachers didn't have time to teach me, so I didn't have time to learn we're my thoughts you respect me and I will you. I zoned out a lot and and couldn't help it still do I don't realize sometimes. I Asked to be sent to an alternative high school with only 75 students best choice I ever made, teachers were great I graduated with honors but through out my teen years after my panic attacks I went from a extremely hyper fun loving kid to a very abservant girl who questioned everything (what if) this happens or that can't say it didn't keep me out of trouble cause it did, it was like something a kid seen as fun I seen everything that could possibly go wrong like pictures in my mind. I joked and called it my final destination pictures of what could happened for example going to fast on a curvy road you know like the back of your hand, a road you drove thousands times I get a picture of what could happen like a instant picture in my mind of the car flipping down the bank even if it don't happen... So growing up I learned not to trust people. Friends were usually the ones getting into trouble or I was keeping them out of it. My teen years I was afraid of getting myself into a situation. Threw out the years I came extremely abservant and very intuitive I notice everything and can read people's body language being empath I always felt like people were judging before they got to know me by their expressions. Anyways years past I'm 31 now but about 2 years ago stuff started happening to me I was always kind of of a skeptic about stuff I always said I've never seen but I won't say it don't type person. Well I've seen... And heard a lot. It started at a double wide my brother rented near cold mountain NC he would ask me to come stay the night, come to find out he felt weird about his new place and didn't like to be alone. Me being his younger sister wouldn't talk to me about it. But he told my ex and he told me so trying to help him feel safe I left my night vision baby monitor so he could see who's at the door before he answered it for piece of mind plus it was back in the woods on the side of a mountain creepy at night. On the screen late at night we seen a man and a dog on his porch but no one was there when we went out but was there when we came in like it never moved. Weird things happened in the morning hours on either Friday or Saturday but not once did we say what we couldn't explain. But we kept seeing dogs and cats but they wasn't there so I started taking landscape photos and I seen these gray kids and a wolf dog in the field in my photo my brother shut me down before he even looked. Then my brother told me about the owner of the house who lived just below the place his yard was like a junkyard full of stuff. My brother said the owner is an auctioneer of dead estate and he keeps what don't sell. My brother moved shortly after and the landlord can't keep anyone in that place. Later I started seeing what people say are orbs I describe it like head lights round one brighter light the other darker light yellow like I don't know. Next I seen a black thing big as my hand like a spider it runner fast across the ground. Another time I was sitting on my bed and my room was hazy Smokey like and this green mist was moving around my room I stuck my hand up and it touched my finger I felt it and my fingers felt shining or oily I could sense it when it was around like it protected me... Later on I started hearing voices it started as I entered a door was like a radio signal I was picking up a different station but no radio as well as buzzing or like a dog whistle it would cut in and out. At night I could hear people talking like they were outside my window no one was there. Then this happened only a few times but I was at work and I heard my co worker say something her voice but her mouth didn't moved I asked did you say something no she said that happened a few times in different places Trying to find answers I looked up what was going on with me I meditated and tried to open my Chakras here lately I've been reading on other gifts as well mediums the (Clair's) trying to figure out I'm not losing my mind. Each question I answer yes to the test online about gifts. Now for the past couple months I can have a full blown conversation with them for hours in my mind and woman and her son and I hear others as well and I can see blurs and feel a tingling when they touch me they tell me they are angels how do I know for sure they are who they say they are they know a lot about me sometimes we don't see eye to eye I sometimes see colors dots of color. Like when you stand up to fast and see stars dots it's like just one dot. Red, green yellow. They say my eyes are bright it blinds them they shadow me to keep me safe has anyone ever experienced this?

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Moongirl99 (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-31)
We have several similarities in our lives I was born in October 28th I too have come to think that I am an empath was told there was something wrong with me since birth I had a lot of learning problems it was a difficult job lot of conduct problems I had a meltdown that started in 5th grade and cried profusely the whole year my dad refused to take me I had to sit out in the hall cuz I disrupted the class I've been saying Psychiatry since I was 5 they tell me that I'm bipolar times I think I am I'm also very much a sensitive and introvert an isolator in the last two-and-a-half years I have lost relationships that we're vitally important to me I'm exhausted continuously think I'm in a relationship with a narcissist that still doesn't explain everything then I thought it might be this house yard then my nephew who lived here thought of it clear up after his mind boggling betrayal then I lost my brother here we come to visit me here after he had a blackout and he has walked out of my life plot to me on all his accounts my best friend since we were in second grade they come to live in a trailer on a property after a storm I just lost her mind crazy stumbled upon a house of a shaman and a library full of books tarot cards everywhere I look I'm a Christian at a loss and don't know what to do I feel like supposed to help someone or myself or God's trying to tell me something or the devil is trying to tempt me or I'm f****** nuts sorry about the language please someone anyone
Ismael (26 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-16)
Hi Shadow!
Those abilities that you describe seems more clairvoyance and clairaudience tham an empath or telepath. It's is define by your abiliti to see and heard with your soul. Many people could have experiences like this wen they are asleep, but you are awake and perfect lucid, don't you? Do not be afraid, but proceed doing meditation and lifting your mind to ask for enligthfull to your Angel Guard and spiritual protectors. Regards

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