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I Can Remove Pain - Healer Or Empath?


Naturally, I am one who doesn't enjoy seeing people in pain and would much rather be in pain than the other person. Now, hear me out, but I can take away people's pain and reflect it on myself, as long as it scales from minor pain to moderate pain on my pain scale. I have a pretty high pain tolerance.

The first time I ever remember experiencing this was my senior year of high school (I graduated May 2018, so my discovery of this trait is fairly recent). There was a girl who was extremely afraid of needles. We were doing a student blood drive and she wanted to donate; however, when it was her turn she started panicking. I went to calm her and held onto her arm so she could calm down and wouldn't freak out as much. When the phlebotomist began sticking the needle into her arm the girl spoke up: "Wow, I don't feel anything at all. I was worried over nothing!" Yet, I felt it. I could feel the needle being pushed under the skin. I could feel the needle digging around. I could feel it all. It didn't hurt as I often donate blood and they just don't hurt nor frighten me.

The second time I experienced this, my mother was complaining of a small headache. As a joke, I grabbed her shoulders and shook them, acting as if she were going to die, but several minutes of this joke and she said her headache vanished. When I let go, I was hit with the subtle pain of a headache. It wasn't nothing too painful.

The third time this happened, I was working as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a nursing home. I was waking a resident from their sleep and went to help them out of bed when I had a feeling they were in pain. They said they were and noted that their shoulder was pretty sore. I apologized for their pain as I continued to hold onto them. As I transferred them to their wheelchair, my shoulder began to ache, but nothing that really bothered me. I asked if their pain had left and they said the shoulder pain had stopped a few moments ago. Most of the pain my residents felt at this nursing home, I was able to feel and end.

Recently, my friend was complaining of a Charlie Horse, so I decided to put my "skill" to the test. I wrapped my arm around theirs and waited several minutes. Their pain eventually left, but I never felt any of it. I assumed this was due to the pain factor, as a Charlie Horse hurts even me. A few hours had passed and I was getting ready to leave. My friend told me they must have been sitting wrong because their neck was sore. We did our special handshake as dorky friends do, and quicker than ever before, I felt the soreness in my neck. My friend, who I asked about their neck pain, said, "Now that you mention it, it suddenly vanished. Must've been a little crick or something."

I did some minor research and found two answers to my special "skill" - Healer and Empath. I'm currently leaning more towards identifying as a Healer, as it seems to be more physically related than an Empath, but I've always been able to sense how others are feeling, much like in the case of the frightened blood donor and the elderly resident. Am I a Healer or an Empath? Can their be people who are both, and if so, could I be one?

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layschips98 (21 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-08)
healers are empaths. A healer is one with deals with the energy of others and channels into it to a lightform energy. That lightform energy channels that denser energy in whoever your healing into light, that's why they feel better and more flexible. Usually if you're a healer, it means you channel this through the help of your spirit guides. Perhaps archangel Raphael is close to you as he is with all healers. Anyways very cool
koherent1 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-01)
I think it is very well possible you could be both as I believe that I am both an Empath & a Healer. I have had this feeling of being a Healer since I was a kid but it wasn't until recently I found out I was an Empath and what I had been experiencing my whole life.
Unicron1000 (guest)
6 years ago (2018-10-01)
I think you may be both, but from this experience, more-so a Healer.

But I have a question for you: When you try to control your healing ability, how do you do it? Do you imagine their pain going away or something else?
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-01)
You could be both. I think I've heard of the term empathic healer, or something like that. I think the rest of your experiences were uncontrolled ability while the Charlie Horse was a controlled one. That could be the reason that you felt pain other times but didn't feel it that one time. Like cause you were focusing on healing it. Maybe? Just saying.

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