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My Experience As Empath


I have been reading articles at this site for quite long. After all this time I have finally decided that I share one of my experiences. It is linked to an empath abilities, but I would not like to label it that way, because an abilities is such a huge word.

My experience with empathy is strange. The magnitude of the feelings I am able to pick varies greatly, also I have to be in close vicinity of person or animal for it to work. Thus I am able to watch a bad news at the internet and this not affects me at all. Looking at this person or animal is also important, but standing face to face is not required, it only helps greatly. I think it helps distinguish feelings, emotional states of one person from another, because this tends to mangle together in the crowd to the point of "static" or I would rather say, a weird background "tension", from the lack of better words. This feel of "tension" is sometimes very intense, especially in dense populated areas like shopping malls or apartment buildings. It is at it's peak when there are some sport events and people cheer for their favorite teams. The "static" dense to the point as I could almost compare it to the feeling of the air before the storm. This "tension" lessen greatly after 10 pm, so I like walks at the time very much. I think it is connected to people going to sleep.

When I look directly at people I am able to pick their emotions, mind states and feelings. It usually requires from me a degree of concentration, so I am able to distinguish one particular person from all the background "static". The results depend on the concentration, sometimes is hard to pick anything and sometimes it is like reading an opened book. It think if person is at intense "inner monologue" it takes me more time and effort to pick the "core state" because it is covered by fluctuation off all other "neighbor states". It is better when person is sitting, how I could say... Idle and let\'s the neutral flow of uninterrupted thoughts. When I look at people face to face, during a conversation, with little effort I am able to pick all range of emotions. The strongest effects yield basic emotions like spite or joy, but perceiving all other feelings is no problem at all. It is not even like reading book. It is like looking at slideshow of all emotions flowing fluently from one to another with a main state present in the background. Slideshow where each slide is separate from another, like a picture in the frame, a part of a full series of landscapes, sometimes built from totally different elements. When someone feels one thing and says other contradictory thing it is easily noticeable. Well... Lets say, I do not like speak to other people looking them in the face, which may be taken as rude behavior.

I am also able to pick emotions from animals. It is even simpler than from people, but I was surprised by the fact that it can be done at all. I think the reason may be that animals are far less complex than people and are unable to have such complex feelings as people have. If there is less emotions the effect is more intense. A while ago I have been taking care of my neighbor cat, while the neighbor had gone away for Vacation. After two weeks of her absence, her cat shown at my garden at the usual time of feeding. What I felt from that cat, that day was extremely intense. It was like four chained, one after another, shots of tequila on an empty stomach, level of intense. The cat was not even sad, that was beyond. It was feeling of total abandonment, heart breaking despair, like his heart was full of broken glass. It was more than decade ago and I remember this almost as vivid as it was yesterday. A similar feeling in intensity I also picked from another neighbor cat. This cat did not know me and was afraid of me. When I have approached in his direction (casually) I felt his fear increasing very fast. To the point of reaching into his every bone and every muscle, flowing into his cells like electricity. I have almost felt my heart pounding in my chest from this immense fear. After the cat ran away the feeling stopped almost momentarily.

This is very interesting, how rang and magnitude of this feelings varies between people and animals, but easily comprehensible when given a thought.

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Saleire (9 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-20)
This is a way for you to know who is in pain and in need of healing, and if you ask their spirit for permission to send them light and the feeling is yes... Then send them light and know that you are doing the work of the Empath and Healer. It's a great job... Exhausting sometimes, but very satisfying to know that you are helping someone. Who knows, they could be silently praying to be healed and you pass by and become the answer to their prayer.

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